A Cloth Diapering Update + a @BubbaloochPARTY Giveaway!

So here we are. G is exactly 25 months old…today. {I guess I just have to say she is two…huff.} Anyway, we were pretty late in the game to cloth diaper. While I was pregnant for those nine months with her T.J. and I went back and forth about whether we would “try” cloth diapering. I talked to my mom about it because ya know, she used cloth on me thirty years ago. HA! Those were very different times my friends. Basically it was THE option and they had a diaper service that came to the house once a week to trade dirty diapers for clean ones. Can you imagine. I mean, that is super service right there. Although they only had one style of cloth, a prefold that they secured with giant diaper pins. Yea, she really didn’t have much advice other than asking me, “why would you want to do that when there are disposable diapers?” Lets just say that when I showed my mom a modern cloth diaper she was shocked and probably a bit jealous! 🙂

Bottom line is that when G was born and the nurse threw on a Pampers newborn disposable diaper that is the route we took. Fast forward to G turning fifteen months and I had the itch. This was it. Something inside of me wanted to jump in to cloth diapering with two feet and never look back. So first, a cry for help. Then I gave the Amex a workout and ordered this stuff to start. Turns out G is a heavy wetter, especially at night so “What the Fluff” happened. And finally I gave an update after two weeks in and never looked back.

Now, my blogger gal pal and twitter friend Melissa Dell has been cloth diapering from the get go. Thankfully she has given me a ton of advice which has given me confidence. I think, with cloth diapering, its great to get a bunch of different advice and opinions that you can put all together and get your own groove. Ya know? Once you find your own routine that works for you its probably different from someone else.

So with all her cloth diapering know-how, Melissa and her hubby founded Bubbalooch! This is just genius people…genius. Bascially, you can have a cloth diaper party at your house with Melissa and all her cloth diapering goodies. She will explain everything to you, show you different diaper options and they even offer a Newbie Kit that allows families to try a few diapers before deciding what system works best for their family. 🙂 So awesome right?

The selection of cloth diapers can be overwhelming. Some are great and others are to be avoided at all costs! Bubbalooch chose to partner only with the best brands for each system. No guesswork needed. Recommendations from our Advisory Board moms ensure great new products get added to our line too!

I had mentioned to Melissa how G is a very heavy wetter overnight. She suggested I try the Swaddlebees Econappi Pocket with Blueberry Bamboo Inserts. I prepped them as she instructed and we LOVE this diaper. We have NEVER had a leak overnight yet! Usually we use a Bumgenius 4.0 with two or three hemp inserts plus a diaper cover. It makes for a lot of bulk and everytime I put it on G I imagine she must be uncomfortable. This is just the opposite of that. No bulk whatsoever. If I had only know before how amazing the Swaddlebees diapers were. And I find bamboo inserts to be much more absorbent than hemp.

So you want to try a Swaddlebees in this adorable elephant print?


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. I started so that chemicals wouldn’t get into my son’s system through disposables.

  2. I started cloth diapering to save money!

  3. Disposable diapers smell awful, and cloth diapering works well.

  4. Those dang chemicals! And money. I’ve saved so much money. I am excited to start with agin with my new baby and would love to try Swadlebees!

  5. I will be starting this spring when my little man arrives, I’m starting because cloth is just SO cute, and its a great way to save money – I’d LOVE to try this adorable diaper!!

  6. I like the idea of being green and saving money too

  7. Largely to save money, but I definitely prefer having cloth on my baby’s bum than all the disposable chemicals!

  8. to save money and hopefully lessen diaper rash incidents

  9. I so want to try cloth diapering but it terrifies me! But I think just jumping in like you did is a good way to go. Good for baby and great for environment!

  10. I would LOVE to cloth diaper, but we have no washing machine, and can’t get a service to come to our on-campus apartment. Maybe by child 3 or 4 we’ll have a house and can do it!

  11. I’m going back to cloth diapering because I am so tired of spending money on disposables. I want to save money not spend!!

  12. omg a diaper party – GENIUS!!!!! I’m just about done with diapers, but this is a FABULOUS way to introduce cloth diapers to people who really are unsure and don’t know much about modern cloth diapers. I’m sad to be ending my time with my beautiful cloth stash!!!

  13. It is better for the environment and has less chemicals for my baby’s bottom.

  14. I love the owner!!!! She is fab!

  15. It’s so much more economical, and it turns out to be so much better for my little one’s skin!

  16. I have no kids yet, but they are hopefully in the near future, and I have always wanted to try cloth diapering for the environment and, of course, the cost-savings.

  17. It is so much better for the environment and baby’s bottom. Love not having trash bags full of disposables to throw out into the landfill and no diaper rashes.

  18. That diaper is SO cute! Love the pattern!

  19. I started cloth diapering b/c i’m a stay at home mom and wanted to save money.

  20. I knew when I was pregnant I wanted to try cloth diapering, so I made ours. 61 AIOs in two different sizes.. Then my chunky girl outgrew them all at four months! We’ve been fortunate enough to win quite a few and to find the rest pre loved. Just better all around I think, cheaper and better for the environment, far less frequent diaper rashes, way cuter than disposables 🙂

  21. Katie Fender says:

    I decided to cloth diaper because I didn’t want the chemicals from disposables on my baby and to save money because I quit my job to be a stay at home Mom. (Saving that money is definitely coming in handy now!)

  22. jennifer shaw says:

    Chemicals that are bad and money saving

  23. angela heffner says:

    To save money initially, then I became addicted to the cuteness <3
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  24. domestic diva says:

    Cloth diapers are good for the planet and for my baby’s bum.

  25. Britni Bradford says:

    I decided to CD because I wanted to keep chemicals away from my baby.

  26. The cost savings were the biggest motivating factor for my husband & I but then there are so many perks that come along with the money!

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