Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Ahhh, its the weekend. Well, for some of us. Not my poor hubby. See, he is teaching today…the Saturday before exam week, to make up for lost time from Hurricane Sandy. Meh. I can only imagine how many students might show up. Anyway, more Christmas decorating and toddler fun here as we wait for daddy to come home. We still don’t have our tree up! This is the longest we have waited…EVER! So, I hope we can get it on Sunday. What do you have planned?

  1. G’s new favorite words are awesome and huh. Every single time we ask her a question she replies, “huh”, which makes me skin twitch. Want to know where she picked it up? Daddy of course. Since he claims to be hard of hearing 90% of the time I am asking him something that is his response, “huh?” I think its one of those bad habits because I’ll catch him saying it and of course he replies that he didn’t. I’m so glad that she picked this habit up and it better not last!
  2. G is constantly chasing Rhody around yelling, “kiss!” She loves to give him kisses and of course he gives her a big wet one right back. 🙂
  3. While driving in the car the other day G asked for a snack. I handed her a tube of Earth’s Best pop snack things. Next thing I heard was the sound of the whole container spilling onto the floor mat and her saying, “uhh ohhh.” I don’t think she quite grasps what that means yet. I try to explain that you only say that when something happens by accident…not on purpose. Guess we are working on this. Baby steps right?
  4. T.J. finally experienced his first public toddler meltdown with G. We just walked in to Trader Joe’s on Monday and she flipped when he went to go put her in the grocery cart. She does not like to be restricted when we are in a store, which I understand, but sometimes we are just to tired to be pulled in every direction especially when doing a weekly grocery shopping. He quickly took her outside and I wondered how it was all going to turn out. They came back in about 5 minutes later and she was sitting in the grocery cart. I guess Daddy won that battle.
  5. We went out the other day to see three houses with our new realtor. One of the houses was empty which meant G was running wild. I wish I would have taken a video, but I was laughing too hard to concentrate. She ran back and forth in the master bedroom…back and forth…back and forth. Everyone was laughing. Maybe parents should buy two houses and just keep one empty for kids to get their energy out?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. What a great idea – a house for them too! Too funny, love her leopard jacket!

  2. Haha- I love that her favorite words are awesome- probably. because she is too darn awesome! I say buy that house because she was so excited! Haha- Daddy did win that battle. Such cute laughs!!!

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