Wordless Wednesday | Our Elf on the Shelf

Ruby made her first appearance on December first. The first morning G spotted her hanging from the dining room light we asked her what Elf’s name should be. First she said Baby, but then she said Ruby. So, Ruby she is!
Now we aren’t following Elf protocols here. She isn’t watching anyone and she not a spy. It’s basically a where’s Waldo type of thing going on. Pure fun.
Has an Elf made an appearance in your home?

Ruby the Elf

Ruby the Elf

Ruby the Elf

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  1. As you know, Dizzy has been around for about a week and a half now. He is also not a spy! I mean really, our 2 year olds are perfect angels, what could the elves report back about them anyway!? 😉

    I like the name Ruby, that is really cute.

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