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Today was so long. I mean TGIF and all that jazz, but man, after not catching a great night of sleep and then being awaken by G around 6:30am I was already tired when I woke up. You know those kind of days? Not to mention the awful dreary and rainy darkness on a cold winter day. B-L-A-H. Is it “me-time” yet?

I was so ready for that first cup of coffee I could not have made the coffee maker brew fast enough. Typically I grind my beans fresh daily for brewing coffee, but the other day while shopping at my local Walmart I picked up some Starbucks Caffee Verona. I’d never brewed Starbucks at home, but was eager to give it a try after hearing so many good things. I loaded up the brew basket and patiently waited while I inhaled the aromas of the coffee brewing. I poured my cup. Since I’m pretty much a coffee snob, I like to taste the coffee without any cream or sugar first, and then I adjust to how I like it. Even though this coffee is a dark roast the flavor is very smooth. It exceeded my expectations for ground coffee. I added just a tiny bit of half and half and it was off to watch some Mickey Mouse clubhouse with G as we both woke up for the day.

Like my top knot?!

As the day marched on…I cleaned, played and read with G and T.J. went out for a bit around lunch time to run some errands. We never really got out of our jammies and I could tell G was looking forward to nap time just as much as I was. I so looking forward to that hour or two after lunch to regroup and reenergize with some much needed me-time. I had a little secret brownie stash I couldn’t wait to nibble on and another cup of the Starbucks Caffee Verona to sip. 🙂

While at Walmart the other day picking up odds and ends, and the coffee I quickly browsed the bakery section. And then I saw them, Turtle brownies. They were calling my name. I never buy baked goods, I typically bake everything at home, but a pregnancy craving had to be satisfied that day. And so the Turtle brownies made there way home with me. Although my store did not have a Starbucks special Delicious Pairings display in the bakery section, be sure to look for it in your local Walmart. If not, you can find the Starbucks coffee in the regular coffee aisle.

So, there I sat, on the couch, in my jammies with my favorite blanket, sipping on my Starbucks Caffee Verona and nibbling my Turtle brownies. It was so much better than loading myself and G into the car and heading to my local Starbucks. So much better. The coffee’s complimentary notes of milk and dark chocolate and caramelized sugar really shined through when paired with the Turtle brownie. Pregnancy craving totally satisfied. “Me-time” was a home run. All from the comfort of my couch on a rainy, winter afternoon.

So how do you spend your “me time”? Do you have a sweet treat? Do you need an afternoon pick-me-up?

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  1. You are officially fired for that close-up of the brownie, OMG!!! LOL

  2. What a delicious pairing! So yummy!!

  3. YUM. I’ve always been curious about the Starbucks Verona, every time I see it. We brew Starbucks breakfast blend every day here (and grind our own beans, too- yum). I’ll have to try the Verona!

  4. Those brownies look so yummy! That would be a perfect way to start the morning!

  5. Love the top knot;) Now I’m hungry for some chocolate-y goodness this morning!

  6. Those sound delicious together! I buy that coffee when it’s on sale as well – truly delicious!!!! And oh my, turtle brownies? *sigh*

  7. My me time is spent online, after everyone goes to bed– but then I’m up way too late…

  8. I really want to try the blonde coffee by Starbucks.

  9. Me time = a bubble bath but coffee is always welcome.

  10. Oh why did I wait to read this until now? My mouth is watering for those brownies with a cup of coffee. Lol!

  11. I am not a coffee drinker but those brownies look delicious!

  12. You’ve officially made this pregnant lady need brownies!

  13. I just ate dinner, yet this blog post has me starving!!!! I LOVE my afternoon coffee fix. I will have to check out what SB are available near me!

  14. WE tried this too!! So cool how the dessert bring out different flavors in the coffee! You look SO cute!

  15. Were those brownies not the best thing ever!!??

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