How Did You Get Your Name? Me Before Mom…

I am linking up with a fellow Rhode Island blogger Mama, Carla from All of me…now for a series of posts entitled “me before mom”. Come and check out the weekly writing prompts as they are sure to get some of your history jotted down and creative juices flowing.

Prompt #1: How did you get your name? Did you always love it? Have you ever wanted to change it?

My name is not so common. I was the only Candice in my class from kindergarten through senior year of high school. I remember going off to preschool and my parents telling me my name was Candice, not Candy, and to make sure that no one called me by a nickname. {Fast forward to T.J. and I dating and his Nanna always called me Candy and I let her. She was a very wise and sweet woman. The exception to the rule.}

I remember my mom telling me that there was no foolproof way of doctors telling her the gender of the baby while she was pregnant. I was born in 1979, and from what she tells me of her birth story with me, hospitals were pretty archaic. I am so glad to be able to give birth in this new day and age of medicine.

Anyway, back to the name. My parents had picked two names. For a boy, Stephen or Steven, and for a girl Jennifer. Well, I was born a girl and my name is not Jennifer. Once my mom and dad and extended relatives saw me they decided that Jennifer was too popular and went with Candice. I think at the time Candice Bergen was a popular access that both my parents were fond of. Then the middle name of Marie was given to me, which is pretty common, but also because my mom didn’t want my initials to spell out a short word like C.A.B. This is the complete opposite direction from what T.J. and I did while picking a name for G since her initials spell out G.E.M. 🙂

Then there was the spelling. My name is not the most common spelling. Mostly you can find Candice spelled Candace. And, nothing, absolutely nothing had my name printed on it. No trinkets, placemats, natta. So, most times my mom had something made with my name on it.

I’ve always liked my name because it was different. Never had a desire to change it. I always get excited when someone points out that they have the same name as I do, but more often then not, they have a different spelling.

I looked up Candice on the list of Popular Baby Names by the Social Security Administration and in 1979, Candice ranked as #128 out of 1000! And, in 2011 it isn’t even listed in the top 1000.

So, what about your name? Do you like it? What is the history?

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  1. I love your name! It was a name we were considering:)

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