Mama’s Maternity Must Haves

So here I am. I am about halfway through this pregnancy already. I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by. I remember being pregnant with G and the whole experience seemed much more drawn out. Maybe because it was my first pregnancy and I didn’t have a two year old to chase around. Yea, that’s probably it.

Anyway, between the first and halfway through the second pregnancy I am pretty certain I know what my maternity must haves are. Especially since this pregnancy is pretty much identical to my first go around.

  1. Feed the Belly: The Pregnant Mom’s Healthy Eating Guideย – I bought this book when I was pregnant with G and it is filled with easy and yummy recipes designed to help you have healthy eating habits throughout your pregnancy and beyond. I’ve been cooking out of this book ever since. Awesome addition to my cookbook collection and a value at just $11.00.
  2. These thermal lounge pants from Victoria’s Secret as so comfortable! They aren’t maternity, but are amazingly comfortable and stretchy. They seem to help regulate my up and down body temperature because of the cotton and the wide leg. I like the fold-over waste because I can wear it up or down depending on what state the preggo bump is and post-baby is even better. Another deal at $29 and there is always a coupon.
  3. Comfortable intimates. Both Dear Kates and the Luxe Lace Collection by A Pea in the Pod are really comfortable and wash and wear really well. When I lived in Rhode Island I went to a legit bra shop called Ruth’s to get sized and fitted for a fantastic bra. Totally old school this place. Much older ladies with tape measures and hand written recipes. Adorable. Ask around, because you probably have a similar type place in your area. Also, a bra-extender is a more affordable idea in the early stages of your pregnancy.
  4. A good pair of jeans. Although they are a bit pricy, my A Pea In the Pod Jeans with the Secret Fit Belly have worn and washed really well. I didn’t wear them a ton when I was pregnant with G until the end since most of my pregnancy was during the hottest summer ever, but I did have the same jean in capris that I wore nearly every day. Awesome quality.
  5. Maternity Leggings! I nearly wear these every single day and have a pair from Old Navyย {full-panel} and Loved by Heidi Klumย {underbelly} for Motherhood Maternity. I’ve ordered some from Thyme Maternity {Babies R Us} and Isabella Oliver recently so more on that later.
  6. I haven’t ordered a new pillow for my bed yet, but you can read my post about that here.
  7. Susan Brown’s Baby Foot therapy cream. Don’t forgot about those tootsies especially if you are on your feet all day. This stuff is great and mildly scented. A little goes a long way. $20.00
  8. Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter. My skin gets extremely dry when I am pregnant so I need all the moisture I can find. This stuff is amazing, free of toxins and artificial fragrances, organic, vegan, safe to use on the whole family. Just $12.00!


mama's maternity must haves
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Candice is a mom of three under 5. Originally from the smallest state of Rhode Island, now living in Connecticut. From working gal to stay-at-home mom, she is walking the path of the Modern Mom.


  1. I had the ones from Heidi Klum…I loved them! I actually have a pair of jeggins that I sometimes still wear lol.

  2. I’m bookmarking this for when I get preggo again! In two pregnancies I haven’t been able to find perfect jeans or underwear, lol. It’s my goal for the next time around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. yes, a good pair of maternity jeans is a must! I struggled with that both times!!!

  4. I am bookmarking this for friends and relatives! This is great – thanks!

  5. I totally agree with you on the investment maternity jeans! The first time around I bought a zillion chesp oairs amd second time i bought maternity citizens. Third time ive barely purchased anything because i have my go-to jesns. And OMG bra extenders! I just remembered to dig them out useful!

  6. This is such a great list! Definitely saving this for the next little one ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I remember sending my husband to the store to get me one of those belly bands. That was a lifesaver!

  8. What great styles!!! I am sending this to my friend right now who is newly pregnant!

  9. I wish I had this info when I was pregnant with my daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ And now I think I need to go out and get those Vicky’s thermal pants!! I’m a sucker for loungewear!

  10. Great list! Tweeting!

  11. Pinned this for ideas when I get pregnant! We reviewed some Susan Brown’s Baby products a few years back and I still buy the hand sanitizer because it’s so soft on my hands!

  12. Love Ruth’s for bra fittings – I always recommend that to clients! It’s great to be fitted with all the changes of pregnancy and nursing! Glad you’re having a healthy, happy pregnancy!

  13. Great article!
    I’ve settled on Bath and Body works intense moisture body butter “signature collection” in Japanese cherry blossom for my belly moisture needs. The scent isn’t too strong and the moisture lasts for about a day. Works wonders and is a necessity, especially for a winter pregnancy.

  14. BOOKMARKED! When I am preggers again, this is the first page I am coming to! THANK YOU!

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