Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Saturday! WOOHOO! Time for Saturday’s top 5 laughs!

We just got in from finally getting some outside time in the backyard.

It certainly is still freezing cold, but the last time G and I had actually left the house was Wednesday.

  1. Lately when G eats a banana she puts it up to her mouth and makes the sound of a horn. I have no idea where she saw this, but I’m guessing one of her grandfather’s showed her. They are both especially silly.
  2. We started potty training this week. Enough said? Well, last night we put her on the potty seat {on the toilet} and she sat there reading books, but did nothing for nearly twenty minutes. We took her off and went upstairs to get ready for bed. She wanted to go back on the toilet and told us she had to poop. Fantastic! Not so much since it was on and off the potty for a good 20 minutes with no results. Oh well, at least she is interested? 🙂
  3. Yesterday when I asked G what she wanted for lunch she asked for french fries. We don’t keep those on hand, and hardly ever eat them so I loaded her into the car and drove through Wendy’s drive through. The whole way home she wanted the french fries, but I told her she had to wait until we were home. A whopping 10 minutes, but in toddler time probably an infinity. We got home and I asked her if she wanted the french fries and she said no?! No is her new word for everything even when she means yes. So confusing. She ate them all. Every last one. I know, not the healthiest thing to eat, but believe me this was a very rare occurrence and a pregnant Mama isn’t about to turn down french fries either.
  4. T.J. told G that I have a bun in the oven. G walked over to the oven and looked inside. Then T.J. pointed to my stomach and told G the bun was in my tummy. She replied, “Mama making a pizza?” You can imagine how hysterical we were!
  5. When putting G down for her nap today I told her when she woke up we could make cookies. She then told me after her nap we would make cookies for ten days. Ten days of cookie baking?? Can you even imagine??

 Have a great weekend!

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  1. Haha- she is so cute and funny!!I love that she said no she did not want them but then gobbled up her fries. She was a hungry girl! Haha-mama making a pizza. HYSTERICAL!

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