Wordless Wednesday | More Landlord Shenanigans

Another not so wordless Wednesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sure, we noticed things when we first looked at this place. Weird things here and there that didn’t seem the norm. But, what can you do really when you are looking for a rental. You’ve got to overlook some things to gain others.

For instance, this weird blob in the corner. I noticed it on our first visit out to check this place over. Looked like a blob of foam to cover a whole and wires. Wires that our landlord-to-be assured us were not live. He had gas heaters installed on the first and second floors and took out the electric baseboard. This was his DIY solution to the leftover mess from the electric. Hmmmm… I figured since it was in the corner I could just put something decorative in front of it until we had to turn the heat on. Problem solved?

Well, Winter came and we had to turn the heat on. We also had to remove anything within three feet of the gas heater. Hmph! Now I have to stare at this blob? Well, lucky for us the town inspector had to come and review the installation of the water heater. The day we moved in my dad noticed that it was leaking. No good. So, landlord had a Sears come out and replace it. Naturally someone had to come back to check the work. Well, the town inspector came out in November {we moved in on May 10th, talk about a delay} and noticed the blob. Its hard to miss. He also realized that we weren’t the owners! Say what? Yep, our landlord never got a renters permit for this place and he has been renting it for nearly three years. BUSTED!

So, the inspector called our landlord and advised him to have a junction box put in where the blob was because what he DIY’ed wasn’t anything close to a proper fix. A licensed electrician had to come out and make his wrong right. Then we had this: better or worse?

So again the town inspector had to come and check the junction box work from the electrician. He saw this and was like, “what the what?” You can’t leave this like this and told our landlord it had to be fixed asap before January ended. Well, landlord came by last Sunday and fixed it alright. Another DIY rush job. What do you think?

Lucky for us G has never gone near any of this.

And, stay tuned, because I’m going to be taking a house tour video very soon!

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Candice is a mom of three under 5. Originally from the smallest state of Rhode Island, now living in Connecticut. From working gal to stay-at-home mom, she is walking the path of the Modern Mom.


  1. UGH. So not cool. We are also renting so I feel your pain. Our lease is up soon so the hunt begins again. My SIL just had to leave her rental house in North Dakota because of severe, and I mean SEVERE mold issues. I don’t get why anyone thinks that these things are ok. *sigh*

  2. My goodness! It is stories like this that give landlords like me a bad name! Shame on your landlord for not making sure that their rental is both safe and tidy. Having a rental is a business and like any business customer service and a good product should be a top priority.

    Best of luck,

    • You are so right! Its just disgusting for anyone to think this is okay or get away with it. I can’t wait for the inspector to come back…again!

  3. OMG!!!! That blob scared the heck out of me and then his “fix it” job didn’t do anything to help. What a crappy owner. Why do people think this is OK???? Good thing you’re getting out of there soon–who the heck knows what else he’s half-assed!

  4. Yikes! So scary! It’s amazing how many shady landlords there are out there. My husband and I have quite a few of them, too. Fingers crossed that they fix this for you soon the RIGHT WAY. Good luck!

  5. WTF! My electrician uncle would have a nervous breakdown if I showed him these pictures. Wow!

    • Yea, my I sent this over to my uncle {electrician} and my dad {builder} and they are pissed! But, I’m sick of my dad fixing this stuff when he comes out here to visit. Hope we find a house tomorrow!

  6. OMG! That’s horrible! Your landlord needs a size 9.5 boot in his can! Absolutely unacceptable in my book! I look forward to your video!

  7. OMG!! That’s unbelievable!! Good luck hopefully it gets fixed better than that soon

  8. That is horrendous. I could come over and do a better job than that!!

  9. Are you kidding! That’s terrible and your landlord should take more pride in his DIY. I hope you find a new place to rent soon.

  10. That is awful!!

  11. That is really horrible Candice!!! I would give them a piece of my mind!

  12. Oh my that does need some work!

  13. Ugh, blobby blob thing was gross! Even though its still an eye sore, I’m glad its…better?

  14. Darn those home issues! Our furnace and water heater both blew – one a few days before Christmas and the other a few days after. $$$$$

  15. UGH! I just showed this to my husband (a contractor) and I’m pretty sure his skin is crawling! But, hey, at least it’s not a blob of foam……. lol

  16. Yikes! Glad you are safe and sound and this thing (although not so pretty) if repaired now!

  17. Omg horrifying…and it’s the things I can’t see (aka the blob) that scare me! Good luck house hunting so you can get the hell out ASAP ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I know two boys who WOULD mess with that debacle…

  19. What the heck is wrong with people?? I hate short cuts. It takes so much more time to keep fixing stuff than doing it right the first time! lol

  20. Holy crap! “What the what” is right! This whole story is craziness!

  21. Oh my goodness, this is horrible!! I am so sorry you are dealing with such a horrible landloard. You should look into the laws for the state, you may be able to request an inspector come in and do the whole house not just that area, even if you are leaving soon, that way he HAS to fix these problems before he puts anyone else in danger!

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