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Well, since a lot of what I blog is for G to read in the future, I had to jot something down about the wild weather we are experiencing today here in New York. Winter storm Nemo, possibly the worst storm since the blizzard of 1978 is upon us. If the weather predictions are right, we can expect no less than a foot of snow and possible up to two feet. I have never seen that much snow in my lifetime. I’m pretty excited to see how much snow we actually get and even more excited to see what G and Rhody think of it all tomorrow when we might be able to venture outside.

I’ve spoken to my parents back in Rhode Island, where they may receive the worst of the storm, but since they lived to see the blizzard of 1978, they aren’t too worried and are prepared.

So, what will I be wearing tomorrow when we hopefully head outside. Here is my version of blizzard chic!

My mom bought me this North Face jacket four winters ago and I have been wearing it every winter since. It is super versatile and I often refer to it as my “sleeping bag” coat.



Next our my Sorel boots. I have a boot collection depending on what type of winter activity, but these are the good old standard keeping my tootsie’s warm. They are even on sale right now, hmmm…maybe I will get G a pair for next winter. I also love my North Face boots. Maybe I have a thing for that brand. 🙂 I scored these boots for $30 during an REI clearance sale last year. They are cute and comfy and of course keep the toes warm.

SOREL | Women's Joan of Arctic Boot

SOREL | Women’s Joan of Arctic Boot




My mom has been an L.L. Bean fan for years and when you are from New England you probably have at least one, if not several, pieces from Maine. I love their winter gloves. They come in a variety of styles. I have one pair with a double glove for when I go snowshoeing and my everyday winter glove is a basic goose down. I love these gloves because they are super light and keep my hands toasty warm. A bonus is the gripping palm which helps for driving and walking my crazy pup in the cold. My favorite part of shopping bean is that I can return anything, at anytime, if it becomes damaged and they will replace it.

Women's Goose Down Gloves

Women’s Goose Down Gloves

My winter hat comes from REI. This beanie I got on clearance a couple of years ago and I love that it has a little visor. Its wool, but not itchy. I’ve washed it in a delicates bag and it continues to hold its shape and wear well. I like that its not super bulky and fits nicely under the hood of my North Face parka.

REI Merino Wool Visor beanie

REI Merino Wool Visor beanie

Stay tuned for pictures of us all bundled up playing in the snow!

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  1. Love the white boots Candice – they are beautiful and probably very functional too. I could really use a parka like that too. I haven’t yet invested in a North Face piece. I hear they really do keep you warm. On my “bucket” list.

    • I can tell you that they are worth the high price tag. I’ve had several pieces for many years and they are just like new regardless of how much wear and tear I put them through. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see the photos! I would love to have a pair of those white boots…so cute.

    We are well below the “blizzard” range here in PA, but I am looking forward to a couple inches of snow…NOT!

  3. I almost purchased a pair of boots similar to the Sorels! They looked so warm & fuzzy. With the impending blizzard, I wish that I had purchased them.

  4. I’ll just admire from afar. I always love the cute winter gear. but don’t really get much use of that out here in Cali. LOL.

  5. Living in Colorado I can relate to needing good winter clothes. The boots you snagged are adorable!!

  6. The shoes are the steal of the year. I can’t believe you got $120 FOR 30 BUCKS

  7. I moved to Chicago from the South and had to stock up on winter gear! The one thing I learned is a water resistant down coat is a must! I LOVE LOVE those Sorel boots! I’m off to look for them. 🙂

  8. Love those shoes! Stay inside and stay safe!

  9. I love those Sorel boots, so cute. I’m sure you’re sick of all the snow but we would love some here in the South.

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