Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Saturday! WOOHOO! Time for Saturday’s top 5 laughs!

  • While returning some items at Kohl’s the other day G was doing a little shopping of her own. She doesn’t like to be pushed in a carriage or stroller anymore and we try to hold hands as much as possible, but those little hands like to grab everything. Well, she somehow convinced me to by new princess sippy cups, a Melissa and Doug puzzle, and a sticker book buy turning to me and saying, “buy this?” 
  • Yesterday we went out to the drug store before the market. One store is next to the other so after we bought what we needed at the drug store the cashier handed the bag to G and she carried it walking around like she was a million bucks. She carried that bag all the way through the grocery store too. I totally would have taken a picture if I had an extra set of hands.
  • On Valentine’s day I asked G to help me get her dressed in her fancy outfit. She came back into my room with tights on her head and said, “all ready!”
  • G has this really funny dance she does every time we watch Little Einsteins. Its totally her new favorite show and I don’t mind it so much since the music is pretty low key.
  • My parents are here for the long weekend which is fantastic because that means T.J. and I get a break. Well, G likes to show my dad {Papa} how she uses the iPad. But, that means only she can touch it. Like, all hands off! Don’t touch “my” iPad.

valentine's day

Have a great weekend!

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  1. i love the tights on her head! she is so cute!

  2. I live reading the funny stories about other people’s kids! My boy is hilarious, but I never remember to write it all down. 😉

  3. Haha- she is starting young with buying things. SHe is too funny! Haha– tights on the head, rocking a new look,lol! My kids never watched Little Einstein’s! I should try it! You should get video of her dance!

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