Thankful Thursday

Time to remember what we are thankful for!

  • Lets start with the fact that after a crazy blizzard last weekend, and my parents not being able to drive to NY for a visit, they are finally coming this weekend. I guess it works out since its a long weekend too. 
  • Waking up to a lovely coating of fresh snow this morning to cover the melted, yucky snow. The trees area all glistening and covered in white like powder puffs. So beautiful.
  • Its Valentine’s Day! Hearts, pink, glitter, chocolate, flowers, cupcakes, and loves of hugs and kisses.
  • Going to bed early. I went to bed before 9pm last night and slept until 6am when G awoke this morning It felt so good, but I think I could have slept even longer.
  • Love for a new yogurt is making me pretty happy. If you like yogurt then you have to try this new Stonyfield Farm blends. Super yummy.
  • Seeing G and Rhody play. He makes her giggle so loud it just cracks me up.
  • The staff at Trader Joe’s handing out roses today! That sets the standard pretty high for markets and their customer service.
  • A Starbucks date with my little. Got her an extra special treat. She just loves the mini vanilla scones.

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About Candice

Candice is a mom of three under 5. Originally from the smallest state of Rhode Island, now living in Connecticut. From working gal to stay-at-home mom, she is walking the path of the Modern Mom.


  1. aaaah yay for going to bed early! I love when I get to sleep before 10 lol

  2. Family, roses, yogurt, fresh snow and dates are just about perfect! Thanks for sharing! (Oh, and the going to bed early thing, too!)

  3. Wow! I am so envious of your long night’s rest! I want to do that! It sounds like more snow is on the way, so as long as the heat stays on this time, I might have to try to catch up on some zzzzzzzs!

  4. I was so happy to see the fresh snow covering up that awful mess this morning too!

  5. So sweet! Great list!

  6. Long night’s rest + a rose and Starbucks date?! Sounds perfect! Love your TT 🙂

  7. We went to Trader Joe’s today and they gave each of my girls a bunch of daffodils! I was thinking the same exact thing when I left the store–that other markets need to step it up to compare!

    Doesn’t a long night’s rest feel like a million bucks???

  8. Yeah for extra sleep!!! I’m running low on sleep this week and looking forward to sleeping in Sat. morning!

  9. I am so jealous you are getting 9 hours of sleep! I need that in the worse way! And I so love the yogurt! We eat it everyday here!

  10. Are you a Big Sister with Big Brothers, Big Sisters? Me, too!
    My little sister and I were matched ten years ago but live in different states now.

  11. We didnt really get any snow this winter, so im kind of envious of the fresh snow you had. hope you have a good long weekend.

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