Toddler Easter Watercolor Activity

I am so excited that G is at the age where she gets really excited about interactive activities especially arts and crafts. She and I went to Michael’s the other day and loaded up on supplies we needed for a couple of Easter crafts. The weather has been a total mess outside so I was looking for indoor activities to help our days move along and be fun.

Walking through Michael’s hand in hand with G is literally walking with a kid in a candy store. She was picking up everything and asking me to buy it. Okay, so I did buy a couple of things she grabbed like a plastic necklace, a princess headband, and a bunny ears headband. Those bins they have lining the front of the store are perfect for little hands to reach.

I’ve seen similar painting crafts around Pinterest and even a fellow blogger friend Melissa did a painted canvas with her son.


  • watercolors {I chose watercolor because I knew it would give the canvas the pastel colors I was looking for.}
  • paintbrushes of assorted sizes
  • {2} 12″x12″ canvas
  • {1} package of vinyl letters 3″ in size {look in the sign section of your craft store}


  1. Plan out your canvas and stick down your letters. For this project I spelled out “Happy” on one canvas and “Easter” on the other. 
  2. I set G up at the kitchen table with all the materials including a ton of newspaper to cover the tabletop.
  3. Let her go to town! At first she needed a little bit of instruction on how to get the watercolor on the canvas, but once she figured it out she was pretty much all set.
  4. Be watchful of how much water is being put onto the canvas as the letters may move a bit if they get too saturated.
  5. Once she was finished painting I tipped the canvas in different directions to let the excess water run off which gave it a really cool look.
  6. Once the canvas is completely dry you can carefully peel off the letters.

happy easter toddler watercolor activity via @thenewmodernmom

happy easter toddler watercolor activity via @thenewmodernmom

Before and after with the vinyl stickers.


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  1. That is so adorable, I must pin this! Thanks

  2. Such a super cute idea! Now I want to try a paint canvas!

  3. I just had to pin this! It looks so great, and fun for the kids. I can’t believe it turned out so pretty!

  4. This is so cute and seems like minimal mess, I love it!

  5. What a cute activity. I let them color on paper but never thought of picking up a canvas for them to paint on.

  6. How easy and fun is that? I bet my daughter would enjoy doing something like this too.

  7. Now this is an awesome and colorful activity! I think my boys would love this!! Maybe I might love it more! I love the colors you chose. They’re so Easter and Springy!

  8. My little G is 6 and I think she would also enjoy this. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love this idea! I am going to try it with my boy even though he doesn’t like to get dirty with paint. I think he will especially love the letters.

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