Weekend in a Nutshell

How was your weekend? Ours, pretty uneventful which is pretty fine by me.

T.J. took G to the local pet store yesterday, which she absolutely loves because they have tons of animals {I’m not a fan of a store like that, but that is a whole other story} including an entire room filled with exotic birds. She got to talk with a parrot and its all she has talked about all weekend. I got to stay home and have some quality mommy and Rhody time. We sat on the couch and watched our favorite cooking shows like The Pioneer Woman and Lidia’s Italy. G took a pretty good nap after the pet store excursion and that made the day go by like smooth sailing.

After her nap, G did something pretty funny. To take a shower, I usually lock her in my bedroom/bathroom so she can play. Well, she likes to get me clothes to wear after I’ve showered. Usually its just socks. Not just socks this time, but underwear too. Check out this video!

Today was a bit of a different story. G woke up promptly at 6am which is too early for her standards of sleep. Usually we shout out for her to go back to sleep, but that didn’t work today. T.J. went in and grabbed her and put her in bed with us. Sometimes she falls asleep, but not today. It was more about rolling around on the bed and asking us for different things like to go downstairs. This went on for about 45 minutes until we gave up and got up for the day.

We didn’t leave the house at all. We got some snow overnight and with the snow came really cold temperatures. It was sunny, but not sunny enough to make it warm. Nap-time was a fail. I can’t even elaborate. Not sure if its the two year molars or what, but G had no nap and was in bed by 6pm. That tot is super exhausted.

T.J. made chili, a super bowl tradition, even though our team, the Patriots lost a couple weeks back. We may watch the game a bit for the commercials, but Downton Abby will be getting our full attention come 9pm.

Here are some photos I took of our weekend regardless of how uneventful it was. G and Rhody bonding while watching some Little Einsteins.

g and rhody

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  1. It’s a toss up as to who is cuter! What a great pic. How old is your Golden? He/she looks like a pup!

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