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So this past Saturday T.J. took G for a play date with her cousins in New Jersey. I had the majority of the day to myself and I was TOLD to be lazy. Lazy doesn’t really fit my type A personality, but I think I succeeded even though I did some laundry. 🙂

So, they were due to arrive home around 5:30-ish just in time for dinner. I was rolling a couple of things around in my head all morning, but really didn’t want to make a trip out to the market. I kept looking into the pantry and the fridge.

So, this is what I came up with…“Pantry Pasta” and let me tell you. It was delicious!


  • Boneless, skinless chicken breast {1 pound}
  • Your favorite Italian dressing
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasonings
  • Pasta of your choice {I used Gemelli} about 3/4 a pound
  • 1 jar roasted red peppers, drained and sliced thin
  • 1 small can of olives, drained and rinsed
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • Grated Parmigiano cheese
  • 1/2 cup pasta water


  • Marinate the chicken breast in a good coating of Italian dressing. I did this in the morning and left it in the fridge until I was ready to cook it.
  • Boil the water for your pasta. Cook the pasta per the package directions. In the meantime…
  • Cut up the marinated chicken into bit sized pieces.
  • Heat a large skillet over medium heat and cook the chicken until its cooked through about 8 minutes.
  • Add the olives, roasted red peppers, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper {to taste}, cooked and drained pasta, and drizzle of olive oil.
  • Add the pasta water and stir everything until its combined and heated through.
  • Serve with grated Parmigiano cheese!

pantry pasta via @thenewmodernmom #tastytuesday #recipe

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  1. Thanks for the recipe swap! I have a recipe link up (Good Tastes Tuesday) on my blog that goes live on Tuesdays as well! Would love for you to stop by and link your recipe up as well! Here is the link: Thanks!
    ~ Heather

  2. That looks good and fast! Both are important everyday!

  3. Yum. I make this as a pasta salad in the summer – minus the chicken and I add fresh mozzarella….Now I’m dreaming of summer.

  4. that sounds delicious, and so easy! And healthier without a heavy sauce. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Audrey - Mom Generations says:

    UM… this looks AMAZING.
    I shouldn’t have read this while hungry!!!!

  6. Looks and sounds delish! I love when I throw things together like this and it comes out great!

  7. I love chicken and pasta together! Always gotta have a protein in my pasta or else I’m hungry soon after. Lol thanks for sharing!

  8. This looks absolutely delicious!! !YUM!!!!

  9. That pantry pasta does look pretty good. I’m determined to use just about everything in my pantry before we move in a few months. Great idea.

  10. I love simple recipes that use up pantry ingredients!!

  11. What a great idea. I love the every time you make it, it will be slightly different depending on what is in your pantry!

  12. Pasta anything and chicken anything is always a winner at my home! Pinning this to try!

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