Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Happy Saturday! Winter is not done with us yet.

Another foot of snow was delivered yesterday.

  1. The other day I took Rhody out to do his business as usual. I take him out through the basement since its a walkout. G had just woken from her nap and was drinking milk and watching some Disney Jr. I was standing outside when I heard a little voice from behind me saying, “Rhody, go poop!” G had taken it upon herself to follow me downstairs. She wanted to join me outside but didn’t have on any shoes. I told her to put her shoes on but instead she put on my crocs that were by the door {perfect shoes for taking the dog out}. Then she marched outside and continued to yell at Rhody to poop! 
  2. We went to Marshall’s the other day just to browse and get some energy out. It was really cold and windy so going outside wasn’t an option. I was pushing the carriage and G was gathering tons of stuff that she wanted to “buy.” Two things that she had to have were a princess purse and giant blue sunglasses. She walked around the entire store with the glasses on, but upside down, and the purse on her arm. I wish I had a free hand to have taken a photo!
  3. I was sorting through my flip flops {I have WAY too many} and G was trying them all on, naturally. She found a pair of Havaianas that really caught her eye and decided to lick the bottom and tell me they were DE-LICIOUS! Ew!
  4. Since T.J. is on Spring break this week coming up we are totally going all in on potty training. Another sign G is ready is shaking her leg, which makes the diaper move into a weird position and pee streaming right out and onto the floor! So far this has happened twice, once in a pair of my crocs and another on a toy. No cool!
  5. Last but not least another video of my two sillies! G trying to give Rhody a kiss!

 Have a great weekend!

Join me for more Saturday laughs over at the Mommyhood Chronicles!

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  1. Look at their bond! They are too cute together! Oh you need to get a picture of her with her princess purse and sunglasses. Too precious!

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