Stripping Away the Nasty with RLR

My blogger friend Melissa Dell of Bubbalooch cloth diapers told me about using RLR to strip my diapers. Its been over a year since I have been using cloth on G, but had never heard of stripping with RLR. RLR is a laundry treatment used for whitening whites and striping the dingy away. I have since tried it on my towels and they look amazing. We have terribly hard water here in New York and it really makes laundry a mess. I’m always wondering if our clothes are clean. If you have hard water you can you even add a Calgon water softener to each load. A tablespoon is enough to do the trick even with diapers.

I’ve tried several methods to get the diapers clean over the year and I’m not saying those don’t work, but this will get those diapers white again and looking oh so new. Dawn detergent, hot water, etc. This WILL get the ammonia build up out of your stash.

Here is what I did.

  • 1 package of RLR
  • 25 diapers including inserts

You are going to have to use disposable diapers so make sure you have enough on hand for one to two day. Make sure everyone has used the shower where your bathtub is because it will be out of commission for a good 24 hours. Take all of your diapers and inserts and plunk them into the tub. Turn the water on to blasting and fill the tub up. During this time sprinkle the RLR over all the diapers. I turned the shower on from time to time to mix everything up and even stuck my hands in there to create bubbles and activate the RLR. I’ve heard you can either use hot or cold water so I used cold. Maybe its just a preference.

cloth diaper strip with RLR via @thenewmodernmom #clothdiaper

Throughout the day I swished the diapers around and let them soak overnight so a full 24 hours had passed. You could soak for longer.

I drained the tub and wrung out all the diapers and put them into the washing machine. Luckily my machine is just a few steps away. I did two full cycles with cold water to make sure all the RLR was rinsed out. Then I did a hot wash with my Ruby Moon detergent and a final cold wash to rinse.

Blasted them through the dryer for a good hour and presto! Clean as new!

So, have you tried RLR to strip you fluff? Do you have a method that works for you? Please share what works for you as I’m always up for trying new ways to get these dipes clean.




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