10 Weeks to Go :: Feeling Really Unprepared

10 Weeks to Go :: Feeling Really Unprepared

WHAT?! Seriously…where did the time go? I feel like I just announced that G was going to be a big sister and here we are in the home stretch.

We have a lot going on…a lot!

We just bought a house, we are packing, we have a 9 month old puppy and a toddler, oh and a baby on the way!

So, I am feeling very unprepared.

Things I still have to get done before baby arrives:

  • Continue potty training G.
  • Pack and move our house. Start to unpack?
  • Buy something for baby to sleep in!
  • Go through and sort all of G’s clothes so that baby will have something to wear.
  • Wash said clothes {they’ve been stored in totes for two years}.
  • Spend the last few weeks having a blast with G {sad-face as this is the last time she is an only child}.
  • Get myself ready to have a baby!
  • Don’t physically harm my husband!

I am nesting like crazy but don’t know where to begin. Our house is in shambles as we try to sort through things and pack with G and Rhody running around. I feel like I can’t move fast enough or do much of anything since my belly is getting in the way and making me nap when G naps.

I think back to being pregnant with G and we had so much done by this time in my pregnancy. Nursery was set up. Clothes were washed. Diapers were ready. All we really had to do was wait. I already am feeling mommy-guilt for not having that same scenario this time around.

When we moved from RI to NY last summer we had a lot of help packing up by family and friends. If T.J. or I wanted to pack we could ship G off to my parents for a couple hours. Nothing like that happening now since everyone is a good 2.5 hours away. I’m guessing when it comes down to the wire we will have to just pay the movers to pack what we haven’t gotten to. T.J. is confident that he can do it all and there is plenty of time. Who says that?! Makes my blood boil. Did he forget that he works too and the end of the semester is coming up. I’m really not able to do to much packing except for clothes into suitcases or saying, “put this in there”.

In the back of my mind I know it will all work out because it has to, but getting there will be an interesting journey!

Have you packed up and moved your family before?


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Candice is a mom of three under 5. Originally from the smallest state of Rhode Island, now living in Connecticut. From working gal to stay-at-home mom, she is walking the path of the Modern Mom.


  1. You’ll get it all done!!!

  2. I have not moved since having kids..cannot imagine the packing of toys!
    We did remodel our upstairs to build a room for The Girl..do not recommend this while pregnant!!
    Do what you can..don’t push yourself too much.

  3. We had to move about 5 months after Noah was born and it was horrible! good luck on that and wow! 10 weeks will def go fast!

  4. Can’t believe you are this close! And moving to boot! I moved when pregnant twice, both times were not the best (36 weeks with our first, 18 weeks with our third), but I hired local teens to help me, which was both cheap and super helpful. You can even have them pack or watch G!

  5. 10 weeks! That is craziness. I remember you just telling me you were pregnant! You will get it all done- I am sure of that!

  6. We moved just six weeks before my son was born! I can’t appreciate what you’re going through. It was tough, I couldn’t really pack/move anything. We hired movers to load/unload the truck but we had so many boxes waiting to be unpacked for at least a year. (Had a big yard sale & purged much of it!)

    The next few weeks will fly by, you’ll hardly remember how “unprepared” you felt. Remember, all a baby really needs is lots of love, diapers, a few onesies, and food!

  7. Unpacking into the new house is the worst. I was able to pack up the old pretty quickly but it’s been 18 months and I still have tons of boxes that are packed. I am thinking about just sticking a $20 box sign on them and putting in the yard. Clearly don’t need them. Good luck!

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