Big Girl Bed

Big Girl Bed

G is 28 months.

Over the past few weeks, G has decided she will climb out of her crib. She has only really fallen out once, and since then has mastered getting herself out. Her crib is pretty big and high off the ground so we decided we would transition it to a toddler bed. She was launching herself out every morning and running into our bedroom. Might as well make it easy for her, right?

Transitioning her crib to a toddler bed meant taking the front off. I went back and forth with T.J. about whether or not we should purchase a bed rail and we both decided against it. Hey, when our parents transitioned us it meant going from a crib to a twin bed which eventually turned into a full sized or queen! There were no rails for us so if we rolled off, we rolled off and the floor was a good ways down. G’s mattress is so low to the floor that if she did fall out it would be a foot or less and onto carpet. No big deal right?

Saturday T.J. took the front of the crib off. Bed time came later that evening and she was excited that we now called her crib a “big girl bed.” T.J. sat in our bedroom and every time she got out of the bed he calmly put her back in. This went on for a good hour and a half until she fell asleep. She fell onto the floor once, but just laid there on the floor and called out for T.J. to come get her. Kind of comical. What wasn’t comical was how her normal bedtime of 6:30pm quickly turned into 8pm before she was asleep. We knew this would be a process…

The next morning she came dashing into our bedroom promptly at 6am exclaiming how she had slept in her big girl bed. 6am! This was not enough sleep for this child who went to bed at 8pm the night before and had skipped a nap too. Should be an interesting day.

Nap time came that day and clearly G was tired. Rubbing her eyes and walking into things stumbling around. No nap! It was pretty much bedtime all over again but she knew it clearly wasn’t nighttime so that was the end of that.

We have yet to master the nap in this big girl bed. I am still hopeful because she is no where near ready to give up napping and nearly am I.

Got any tips? Have you made the transition in your house and was it a success?

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  1. My son moved into a single at 13 months because of his ability to get out of his cot, he settled in right away but at that time I was sitting with him till he fell asleep so that problably had something to do with it. But it normally takes a week I’ve heard.

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