Potty Training :: Success

Potty Training :: Success

G is 28 months.

From time to time I have tossed out the idea that we would begin potty training. I really think as a mother, you have the sense that your child is ready…or not.

Over the past month I’ve done quite a bit of research by reading other blogs, reading books, and eventually coming to my own conclusions.

Then, I gathered our supplies. Lots of pretty new underwear for G, this type and this type of potty because we have more than one bathroom and who doesn’t like options?

Here is what is working for us:

  • T.J. and I are both on board working together with G when he is home from work.
  • G is diaper free when we are home. Diaper and underwear free. We call it “free bum time”. 
  • Naps/overnight/and out of the house we use a diaper. We use cloth and disposable.
  • We have learned G’s signals when she has to use the potty and encourage her to do so when we see a sign that she needs to go.
  • When she pees in the potty we get very excited and say, “Yay! Pee Pee” and she gets to flush the toilet. This act alone makes her very excited!
  • We haven’t initiated any type of reward system. Just positive praise.
  • G seems to prefer the potty that stands alone on the floor. I think this is because she can quickly get on and off all on her own.
  • We will ask her from time to time if she needs to go potty, but don’t force her to sit on it.

We did have a few accidents initially, but that was to be expected. Yesterday we had a HUGE milestone when she went on the potty, unprovoked, and POOPED! I’ve read that this can be a difficult step in the potty training process. She was SO EXCITED that she pooped, after we wiped her bum, she ran downstairs to tell Daddy! Of course I had to note it! 🙂

potty training

Today, she didn’t want to poop, but continued to pee regularly so doing both on the potty is clearly going to take more time.

I think I’m more worried about going out of the house with her wearing just undies than she probably would be. So, hopefully we can work on that next. I’m thinking maybe getting a smaller potty for the car might be a good idea.

So, for now, we are calling it a success!

So, how was/is your potty training? Have any tips to share?

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  1. So exciting!

  2. Yay! I like you was also nervous to leave the house when potty training with just panties on. So I invested in some super undies which in the event of an accident protect from making a mess but let my girl know she peed in her pants. Just a thought! Good luck! 🙂

  3. You have given me the push I need to start with my bebe… this weekend!

  4. We haven’t started quite yet. She’s gone on it once, but with the new baby we haven’t focused on it. She’s starting to be more aware and asking to be changed after she goes and sometimes just before she goes. (which we don’t realize until she poops just after the change she said she needed because she pooped lol)

  5. I knew my older daughter was trained when one day we needed to make a quick trip somewhere and without even thinking about it, I put her in her carseat and off we went. With her in underwear. We’d never gone anywhere without a pullup, but no one thought about it. And that was pretty much it. We still have close calls, and a rare accident, but she’s done with diapers and has been for about 6 months.

  6. Oh potty training- what an experience with Hayley it was. I am hoping to not repeat the experience with Zane-lol! You are on the right path my friend!

  7. YAY! That is SUCH a huge accomplishment. I found that naked time for my older daughter really helped the process too!

  8. For what its worth here are my experiences. I have 6 kids (youngest is now almost 16). My first 4 weren’t easy to potty train. I waited too long and then had to learn to only focus on the positive, and to give a treat when they went.
    My last 2 were whole different story
    My daughter was 20 months when sshe showed an interest. I took off her diaper as well and every time she made on the floor we would say “no…not on the floor…in the pooottty” without any anger. When she did go in the potty we yelled hurray. I learned that when they are in the 2 yr old range, hurrays are enough and you dont have to give treats. If they are closer to 3 treats are the way to go.
    Funnily I learned the meaning of the word trained when she turned 2. We were on our way home from an amusement park which was far so I put a diaper on her. A few minute into the trip she started saying that she had to go. I told her to go in her diaper.She didnt even understand what I was talking about because she was “trained” that when she had an urge ,she had to use the toilet. My older kids on the other hand made a decision to use the toilet.
    So as far as I see it the main points are
    leave them without diaper in the house
    no anger
    hurrays or treats when they go

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