Spring Forward with Scotts Florida Select Mulch

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Spring Forward with Scotts Florida Select Mulch

We just bought a house with a lot of yard…a lot like almost 2 acres! I have neer been more excited to get my hands dirty and start the process of building a huge veggie and flower garden. I’ve got most of my gardening supplies already from my potted gardens that I’ve had over the past few years.

Of course with gardening and ladscaping comes the need to protect the beds. Well, I am really excited to learn about and use Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch to do just that.

Here is just a sample of our back yard:

Our garden in our former house.

Eucalyptus Mulch is a sustainable Cypress alternative, grown in Florida, for Florida!

Eucalyptus Mulch is the best option for your landscape because it is:

  • SUSTAINABLE: Sustainably-harvested and plantation grown Eucalyptus is considered a renewable resource because it re-grows up to 4-times faster than Cypress.*
  • NATURAL: Made from 100% plantation-grown Eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus Mulch is guaranteed free from any construction, demolition, pallet, or other waste materials.
  • EFFECTIVE: Prevents weeds naturally** while helping to conserve soil moisture and moderate soil temperature.
  • LOCAL: 100% Florida-grown – helps support your local economy.

 photo 6d50af2c-aba7-44e2-b0ed-d3510804d726_zps3aae88a5.jpg

sustainable gardening is very important to me as well as stocking my garden full of organics seeds that will provide rich vegetables for my family over the summer and fall months.

How to Use

Spread 3 inches deep. Keep mulch several inches from tree trunks and house foundations or other wood structures.

When to Apply

Apply around trees, shrubs, flowers or vegetables after seeds have germinated and plants have developed.

Where to Use

Apply around trees, shrubs, flowers or vegetables after seeds have germinated and plants have developed.

Where Not to Use

Avoid use: Before seeds have germinated, around underdeveloped plants, and within several inches of house foundations or other wood surfaces.

Coverage Area

A 2 cu. ft. bag will cover the following: At a depth of 2 inches, 12 sq. ft of bedding area. At a depth of 3 inches, 8 sq. ft. of bedding area. At a depth of 4 inches, 6 sq. ft. of bedding.

Scotts Nature Scapes mulch comes in a variety of blends so you can pick that one that best suits your garden. It comes in 3 different colors: Classic Black, Sierra Red, and Deep Forest Brown and they’re natural forest products – no waste wood and come in a variety of textures. Scotts Mulch helps to maintain moisture, prevent weeks, and create a groomed landscape all year long.

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