The ZOYA Nail Polish Exchange is BACK for Earth Day 2013!

The ZOYA Nail Polish Exchange is BACK for Earth Day 2013!

Once again, Zoya is helping you do a little spring cleaning with the return of the Earth Day Zoya Nail Polish Exchange* for 2013. Clean out your nail polish wardrobe and get rid of old nail polish that may not be BIG5FREE (Free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP and Camphor) and exchange it for a greener alternative – long lasting, award winning, healthy ZOYA Nail Polish Bottles!

I do this every single year. In with the old nasty polish and in with the new ZOYA. I’ve almost exchanged my entire collection of polish! I love this polish. It wears well, is long lasting and just really great quality. I’m so glad I found it a few years back when I did.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to and pick out the polishes you would like (Note: ALL Zoya PixieDust Collection shades are excluded) and add them to your cart. You must select at least 6 bottles and no more than 24 bottles of polish (Salon accounts minimum 12 maximum 48 bottles).
  2. Apply the code: ZOYAEARTH2013
  3. Your order value will be adjusted to reflect a 50% discount (we use these funds to properly dispose of the old nail polish).
  4. SUBMIT your order!

Then Zoya will ship out your NEW polish! YEAH!
Once you get your order, here is where the exchanging* happens…

  1. Ship back the equivalent number of bottles you received to the return address below (ie. If you got 6 bottles of Zoya – you would send us 6 NON-ZOYA polishes). Please check with your carrier on the proper way to ship nail polish.
  2. Include a copy of your order.

ZOYA Nail Polish Exchange

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  1. Just wondering how much this ends up costing once you factor in the shipping of your old polish?

    • Last time I did it it was a simple priority mail box so about $5 return shipping. You get a discount on the new polish too so it’s totally a deal.

  2. Oh wow! This is an awesome program.

  3. I actually was turned off by this because the new polish was still $4. I’d rather wait for two-for-one deals honestly.

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