Meatball Calzone in Your Waffle Maker :: Tasty Tuesday

Meatball Calzone in Your Waffle Maker :: Tasty Tuesday

The only reason I tried this was because we are in the midst of packing up our things and one of the things that revealed itself was our waffle iron. We totally were those people who registered for a fancy one from Williams Sonoma as part of our wedding registry. Sure, I use it from time to time, but I need a stool to access it as it is stored out of reach. T.J. put in on the mantle of all places and I stared at it for at least a week before thinking of what I could do with it besides make waffles. G isn’t a fan of waffles she is more of a pancake gal.

I had some things in the freezer. Another area I am trying to chip away at. Moving food is just silly so I am using up every little thing left in there. I had dough, Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs, sauce, and a bag of Italian cheese blend leftover from a pizza I had recently made. It was there and then that I was determined to make calzones in the waffle iron for lunch that day.


  1. Your favorite fresh pizza dough
  2. Meatballs or filling of your choice. Be sure to warm the filling ingredients before filling the calzone.
  3. Sauce
  4. Cheese


  • Heat up your waffle iron.
  • Cook and warm your calzone filling. I heated up the meatballs in the sauce on the stovetop in a saucepan.
  • Flour your board or counter and roll out your pizza dough to a 10″ round. Cut into 4 even sections.
  • Fill one of the four sections with filling. Top with a sprinkle of cheese and fold over the dough to make a pocket. Repeat this for the other three pieces of dough.
  • Place one or two {depending on the size of your waffle iron} calzone into your waffle iron and close the lid. Do not press the lid down and smash the calzone.
  • Check the calzone from time to time for doneness. This took about 5-6 minutes in my waffle iron set at a medium heat. The filling is cooked so you are just checking the dough to make sure it is cooked through.

meatball calzone made in your waffle iron :: tasty tuesday via @thenewmodernmom #recipe

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  1. That looks yummy!!

  2. Whoa, I’m blown away by how cool this is!

  3. Mind blown! Never thought to add meatballs! WOW!

  4. Yum – that is a delicious look I absolutely love

  5. This looks so delicious!!! I am drooling now!!!

  6. I so want to try this – I can just imagine the possibilities. Ham and Cheese would be tasty too.

  7. Wow! Using it kinda like a sandwich maker? I had one and it’s either hidden or gone. I love this idea. I personally love waffles, but the kids aren’t big fans! 🙁

  8. What an awesome idea! Never would have thought of doing this!


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