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This Mama Loves Mombo!

I’m not a first time mom and this won’t be my first time breast feeding either. With that said, after nursing G for a full year, I tried every nursing pillow available seaching for the perfect fit for both her and I during our long nursing session. G was a slow feeder. Each session lasted nearly an hour. Comfort was key especially for me.

In my opinion, finding the right nursing pillow, if you decide to use one, helps make breastfeeding a good expereince. If I found myself uncomfortable, G wouldn’t have a proper latch or have a good feeding.

So, you can believe how thrilled I was when I found out that I was able to review the mombo nursing pillow by Comfort & Harmony, a brand that I am very familiar with and have grown to trust.

About the Mombo Nursing pillow and why I like it:

  • has a unique shape and The Firm2Soft™, 2-Sided construction, is uniquely designed to offer distinct benefits on each side. Having a pillow that offers two different sides one firm and one soft is a truely fantastic idea. No need to have more than one pillow. 
  • the firm side offers enhanced back support during nursing and just the right elevation for baby. the soft side creates the perfect environment for lounging.
  • the optional vibration helps soothe baby. Use the vibration anytime throughout the day. 
  • durable
  • easy to clean as the cover is machine washable.
  • lightweight
  • multipule uses for one pillow at agreat pice

You can find the Mombo Nursing pillow exclusively at Babies R Us.

Be sure to connect with Comfort & Harmony on Facebook {makers of Mombo} and follow Comfort & Harmony on Twitter too for even more product information and up to the date offereing.

So what do you think? Would you give the Mombo a try?

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  1. I would have been lost without my nursing pillow when my babies were little . Made things SO much easier!

  2. I used a Boppy pillow and loved it, but this looks so much more comfortable! Would have definitely tried it if I would have known about it!

  3. I want one of these if I ever have more kids! These look amazing and I love the vibrating feature that these ones offer!

  4. They weren’t around when I had babies but my daughter used them. VERY cool!

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