Transverse? C-Section? What Did You Say Doc?

Transverse? C-Section? What Did You Say Doc?

I went to my weekly OB visit yesterday. I am 2 weeks and 4 days away from my due date with this babe. My birth plan is to have a “regular” birth, no c-section as I did with G. Waiting for my water to break and letting the ball roll from there.

I was excited to hear that I had dilated because on Sunday I was having some major Braxton hicks contractions along with a lot of lower back pain. Two symptoms I never had in my last weeks of pregnancy with G. At one point the lower back pain had gotten so severe I actually called my doctor, at 9pm, for advice on what to do to relieve the discomfort. She said drink a half gallon of water, a glass of wine {huh}, and to lie down on my left side. All of which would relax my uterus. I followed her direction, minus the wine, we don’t have any and that seemed to do the trick. I woke up the next day feeling pretty comfortable.

Well, as soon as she checked me yesterday, my excitement turned to disappointment. No dilation at all. Huh? At this point during my pregnancy with G I was already at 2cm.

Then she went on to tell me she still doesn’t think the babe is in head down position, which is another disappointment. At this point babies should be committed to the head down position. On a previous visit that included an ultrasound it showed her head down, but then she flipped to transverse. Non-commital this one.

So, now I am scheduled to see her again next Wednesday and have another ultrasound to determine her position. If she isn’t head down, my OB wants to schedule a c-section for the following week. I would be 39 weeks. When she said, c-section, my heart sank. This is not what I anticipated as the birth plan for this baby. I had such an easy labor and delivery with G I just expected everything to be the same. Guess I shouldn’t expect anything. Clearly no two pregnancies are the same.

I asked her if I could wait until 40w, but she said it could be dangerous and doesn’t want me to have any type of emergency situation. I agree with that especially since driving to the hospital where she practices will be a 45 minute ride from our new house in CT.

I am going to remain hopeful that she turns into position on her own. As soon as I told T.J. he started researching home remedies I should try to get her into position like sleeping in a rocking chair, or doing some weird handstand thing off the couch. Not sure if I am game for those types of things. Maybe I could see a chiropractor or have acupuncture? I’m all about the alternative solution.

So, what do you think? Had any type of similar situation?

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  1. I had two emergency c-sections and it is so much easier when they are scheduled. C-sections aren’t as bad as a lot of people make pregnant women think. They take a little bit to recover from, but my scar isn’t noticeable and my pain wasn’t bad with either of them. Either way you will have a beautiful baby soon!

  2. Just finally catching up in the blog world…Sorry I can’t help you out. I know it’s cliche, but the most important thing is a healthy mom and baby! Thinking of you!

  3. Jenna Bouchard says:

    Go to a chiropractor. Babies often flip at the last minute, and chiropractic can really help. Try Dr. Applebee in Danbury or find one certified in the Webster technique. If you are planning for more children, a c-section will make it hard for you to have another vaginal birth (because so few OBs will do VBAC). The website Spinning Babies is also a trusted source for getting baby into the right position. Good luck–you can do this!

  4. Rhonda M says:

    Ask her about turning the baby. With my first set of twins, the lower baby was in the correct position, but the upper baby was transverse. My awesome doctor was able to push on my belly and manipulate the baby into the correct position so I didn’t have to have a C-section. That didn’t work with my second set, though, because the lower baby was transverse and there was no room to turn her with the upper baby still in there.

  5. Crunchy Con Mommy says:

    My first baby flipped positions the last week. Unless you or baby are showing signs of a complication or have special medical needs-like you habe precioitous labors or diabetes, etc. I personally would not agree to a c-section prior to 42 weeks! (I’m a 2 time c-section mama since my recent VBAC attempt failed, so I totally get that they are necessary sometimes and life saving and awesome in those cases.)

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