Udis Gluten Free :: So Many Options!

Udis Gluten Free :: So Many Options!

I received one or more of the products mentioned  for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

You might have heard me mention Udis Gluten free products in the past. We love their granola as well as their freezer to oven dinner rolls for the holidays or anyway. Even though we are not a household that stays away from gluten, we love the convenience and taste of these products and incorporate them into our everyday meals. And, you can purchase any of these breads and store them in your freezer. Just pull out what you need and set it out on the counter or toast it up. Never have your bread go bad again.

Well, I have more Udi’s products to tell you about that we are loving right now!

  1. Whole Wheat Bread – For hearty bread with bold, wholesome flavors.
  2. Millet Chia – Introducing Udi’s Ancient Grain Bread. Amidst the complexities of modern life, we returned to the land for inspiration. Baked with hearty ancient grains, this bread contains a wholesome balance of nutrients, vitamins and deliciously earthy flavors.
  3. Omega Flax and Fiber – Omega Flax & Fiber bread packs a wholesome blend of Omegas 3, 6, and 9, protein, anti-oxidants, and fiber into each slice. Chia, a naturally gluten free seed, supplies beneficial nutrients along with a delicious flavor.
  4. White Sandwich – The bread that started it all is now a customer favorite. Our signature light and fluffy white sandwich bread is made with all natural ingredients without added fillers.
  5. Classic Hamburger Buns – A summer staple for all that grilling! Soft, golden buns accompany your much-loved ingredients, be it a classic burger or a savory deli sandwich.
  6. Cinnamon Raisin Bread – Perfect for any morning. Our favorite way to enjoy it is toasted followed by a nice slather of cream cheese!

Udis Gluten Free Bread

Last month was National Grilled Cheese month! Although that sounds exciting to celebrate for one month, we celebrate the grilled cheese at least once a week or more as part of lunch. In fact, a grilled cheese is one of my top ten foods to eat while I’m pregnant. Both my toddler and I enjoy a classic grilled cheese on white bread with good old American cheese. Buttered and grilled in my good old cast iron skillet. YUM! While in NYC just a few weekends ago we popped into a restaurant that served ONLY grilled cheese. Amazing right?!

The grilled cheese sandwich may sound like a simple go-to lunch option, but there are thousands of creative ways to make this a delicious and memorable sandwich for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert. With just a few innovative ingredients, your grilled cheese can turn into a culinary masterpiece!

You can check out some great recipes using Udi’s Gluten Free breads for grilled cheese here on their Pinterest board.

How do you prefer your grilled cheese? The options are endless.

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  1. This is just what I’m looking for. I’m toying with the idea of going gluten-free.

  2. Gluten free is such a hot topic right now. Thanks for the info! Can you get Udis at any store or just healthfood stores?

  3. We love Udis! My cousin has a gluten allergy so this is all she eats! Great info! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I need this post! This is perfect for our son’s friend who eats Gluten free and comes over a lot!

  5. While I could never, ever, ever go gluten free myself lol I am really glad that there are so many options now for those with celiac and gluten intolerance!!

  6. We started eating more of a paleo or gluten free diet… So when I want my fav sandwich, a grilled cheese, we use Udi’s! I like to make grilled cheese sandwiches with either ham or tomato but not both at the same time. 🙂 I want to try one with an avocado next time!

  7. We have been avoiding gluten and Udi’s certainly helps making it an easier transition! Thanks for sharing!

  8. We aren’t GF, but I know a ton of people who are! I will definitely make sure they know about Udi’s!

  9. Bread like this is perfect for when we have friends over, because it’s always best to be safe…you never know who has allergies!

  10. And just in time for all of my summer entertaining! Thank you for this wonderful share…

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