Wordless Wednesday :: 27 Days and Counting

Wordless Wednesday :: 27 Days and Counting

Had my weekly visit to the OB on Monday and had a quick ultrasound to see what baby sister’s position was. She was head down initially, but by the end the tech said she was transverse. This has me a bit concerned since at this point she should be committed to the head down position. I am hoping and praying that my appointment next week confirms head down position again. I’m just going to keep positive that she will do what she needs to do to get here safely.

Baby sister is officially full term and weighing in around 6 pounds. I hope she plans on staying in there for the full 27 days until her due date. We are moving to our new house next week and I can use all the extra time I can get. I want to be able to get everything unpacked. I can’t imagine bringing a new baby home and seeing boxes stocked up everywhere.

I still can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. So very different from the first go around, but I guess that is the nature of the game when you already have  a busy toddler running around. I feel like it was just yesterday that I announced G was going to be a big sister or that we found out we were having another girl!

The tech was able to give me some new images:

baby sister 1


baby sister 2

Blowing bubbles to pass the time.


baby sister 3

Tiny foot!

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  1. I love the bubble picture! Good luck in your last few weeks! I am down to 33 days which I feel like will fly by!

  2. AW!! So excited for you!

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