Wordless Wednesday :: Is it Monday Already?

Wordless Wednesday :: Is it Monday Already?

Monday is our official move-in day! We are beyond excited. Every single time we get in the car, G asks if we are going to the new house! Clearly she is excited too. She also wants to make sure all of her toys go to the new house. Yes, they will to your new found playroom!

I keep telling T.J. that it will probably be a while before it really sinks in that we are homeowners, have no landlord to deal with, don’t have to move after a year, decide what to unpack or keep packed, and save boxes!

Today we went to the Home Depot, which I imagine will become a frequent pit stop, and got some paint for the laundry room and second bedroom for baby to be. Again, to be able to paint walls is a truly strange feeling. This condo is the first place we have rented where the walls aren’t all institutional white. Bleh!

We close on Friday. Saturday is a busy day. Locksmith to change the locks, washer and dryer delivery, cleaning service, and couch delivery. My parents will meet up with us at the house on Monday and await the movers so we can get to unpacking! Oh the joy…

Here is another sneak peek of the house. I showed you the exterior last. I can not wait to be sitting on the deck or patio this summer.

new house

 So, do you have any first time homeowner tips? Feel free to share away!


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  1. Congrats on the new house! I love the back patio, that will be so nice in the summer.

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! So excited for you!

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