Baby Update

Baby Update

So yesterday was my weekly appointment at the OB. I had a sonogram scheduled before I saw Doc to see if baby’s head was in position yet…

At 38 weeks 2 days yesterday baby was sort of in position. Baby would put her head down but to the left or right of my cervix. Doc said a technical term for this, but I heard nothing but her say “head not in position.” ๐Ÿ™

No dilation yet either. Cervix is closed up tight. I knew this because I haven’t had any Braxton hicks contractions at all. I think this whole move has put my body is a weird state. I’m not feeling relaxed one bit and I truly believe that has something to do with why baby isn’t descending. “Mama doesn’t feel ready so neither do I.”

Oh, and then there is this little tidbit. My doctor feels confident that this baby is an 8 pounder. I am a petite 5’1″ and my bone structure is small. Doc feels confident that baby just might be too big to come down the birth canal. G was 7 pounds 11 ounces at birth. Not too shy of 8 pounds, but maybe those few ounces could make all the difference?

So, where does that leave us? Well, if my water should break and labor starts I have to tell the hospital that my baby hasn’t been in position. My doctor has scheduled my c-section surgery for next Wednesday. I have one final appointment with her on Monday and another sonogram to see if baby might be in position.

Although I’m totally against having this surgery I have to be realistic and confident in my doctor that this is the right thing to do. I don’t want to put myself into an emergency type of situation where myself or the baby are in danger.

I guess the hardest part of all of this is knowing that I had G without any complications and it was a normal delivery. So, trying to wrap my head around the fact that it won’t happen like that again is difficult to digest. And then there is the recovery. I’ve heard horror stories about how hard it is to recover from a c-section and we just moved to a new house (unpacking as fast as we can) and I have a toddler. How is this all gonna work out?

Luckily my mom has been here helping me unpack and watch G. My dad was here but went back home for work. He will be back again on Saturday.

Next week we have my mom and mother-in-law on standby to come on Tuesday afternoon. I guess the surgery would be early Wednesday morning so we need them here to watch G and Rhody.

Oh, and then there is TJ who picked up a summer class. He started teaching this past Tuesday and the class meets twice a week, Tuesday and Wednesday for the month. So, after moving all day Monday he took off on Tuesday for work!

If you have had a c-section please calm my nerves about recovery. For some reason that is the part I am most concerned about.

I am still hopeful that she will figure out her way out on her own and ill have better news in Monday!

To be continued…

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Candice is a mom of three under 5. Originally from the smallest state of Rhode Island, now living in Connecticut. From working gal to stay-at-home mom, she is walking the path of the Modern Mom.


  1. Oh Candice :/ I’m so sorry love! I’m gonna keep praying for her to get in position and also before a csection.

    My friends that have had them haven’t complained much about recovery – even with a toddler in tow. Not even with steps. They say the procedures now are completley different than before. It sometimes seems some of my friends with vaginal births with huge tears have worst recovery with aches and stuff.

    It’ll all work out and I’m so glad you have such faith in your doctor. That should help to ease SOME of the fear. And yes, it’s so frustrating to know everything went fine with G, so why on earth shouldn’t it be the same for S!?! Hugs & love mama!

  2. Klarissa Shaninghous (@KlarissaShaning) says:


    I had a c-section with my daughter at 38 weeks and like you I was afraid, I had to rely on my faith and the faith of my doctor knowing that they were doing what was best for the both of us. The recovery time for me wasn’t that bad at all, and as Melissa stated the procedure itself are so different then the way they were before.
    Know that it will all work out in the end and here is praying for you and your daughter for a good delivery either way it turns out to be.

  3. Oh that super stinks she’s not in position ๐Ÿ™ Come on little girl, help your mama out! No c-section advice but sending you lots of good thoughts. And most of my friends had no problem with recovery at all – my SIL was up and about and back to 95% of her normal activities with 2 weeks. Here’s hoping it’s not even an issue but you have a great attitude about it all, because safety of you and the little one are the most important!

  4. I had a normal delivery and a c-section (because my 2nd was breech) and my c-section procedure and recovery was WAY easier than my vaginal delivery. Of course, there are horror stories for both ways. As long as the baby comes out and it’s healthy, I wouldn’t worry too much about how it comes out. Just wanted to share because I am hoping you will be able to be at peace with whatever happens:) If I would have another, I would pick c-section. Take care!

  5. Candice, I too had been moving when my first was born and had to have an emegency c section from complications of 24+ hours in labor. Recovery wasn’t bad and my second child was born naturally in one hour labor and no time for any meds. So don’t beat yourself up on it, relax and maybe things will go better than planned ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mama, I just have to chime in here. You’re still 2 weeks away from your estimated due date, it seems crazy for your OB to be pushing a c-section this early when your baby is head down. EDDs are just that–estimates. If I were you I’d try to relax as much as possible, do some chiropractic and maybe acupuncture, do some cat/cow yoga to help baby’s positioning, and let your baby decide when it’s time to be born. If you’re concerned, it’s not too late to get a second opinion on baby’s positioning and size from a different OB.

  7. Check out There are things you can do to help position baby. You can also go to a chiropractor. My 2nd baby was breech at 35 weeks and I basically stood on my head per spinning babies and got adjusted 3 times. She had turned by my next OB visit. Good luck!

  8. It sounds like everything is petfectly fine and there is NO reason you should need to risk having a serious surgery. In fact, it seems like you should be looking for another care provider ASAP because the fact you have a csection scheduled shows your doc is practicing irresponsible medicine. None of her medical advice is evidence-based. Your body is absolutely capable of birthing a normal size baby and you have already proven that! Dialation at 38 weeks means nothing. You could be 3cm or 0 and it makes absolutetly no difference on the birth that’s still weeks away. What does “not in position” mean? Baby is headdown. Who cares if head is to the left or right of the cervix? There is plenty of time for baby to snuggle in and some wait until labor! Again, perfectly normal. It really sounds like your doc has a vacation planned ๐Ÿ™ try doing some research and I think you’ll feel a lot better about birthing this baby and not showing up to the csection.

  9. I have had an emergency C section and a vbac and I’ll tell you, a c-section is no picnic. Please speak to your doctor, a woman’s body grows the baby that will fit. My c section was an emergency due to a real crisis, the baby often doesn’t engage until you’re in labor and it will move into position to come out. Trust your body and please don’t let your doctor schedule an unnecessary surgery it’s harder on you and your baby for recovery. I have faith that you can birth this baby just fine! I’m 5’4″ and birthed a 9 pounder vbac no issues! Relax and breathe and trust in your body. Chasing a toddler after a c-section would be much, much harder than a nice normal vagianl birth and the bonding after a c section is NOT the same.

  10. I’m 5′. I was a size 0/2 before having babies – a size 6/8 last summer before becoming pregnant with #7. After my first daughter was born, at 41w5d, weighing 6lbs 5oz and 17″ long, the OB chose to tell me I would never be able to vaginally birth a baby bigger than her.
    While #2 was only 6lbs2oz and 19″ long being born at 37 weeks, I went on to have 2 8lb babies at home (8lb 4oz and 8lb 0.25oz), and my last baby was 8lbs 12oz when she was born! Oh my the rolls and rolls she had! I’m being induced on Saturday with this baby as I have Gestational Diabetes and my blood pressure is starting to rise, but we’re guessing this little one will be around 7lbs. MANY MANY MANY 2nd+ babies don’t get in to position before labor. Do not agree to a c-section because of an estimated “large” baby – women that are small and have small frames can and DO birth large babies just fine… I have many friends who are about this same petite size who have actually had homebirths with 10-12lb+ babies! Your body is amazing. Give it a chance.

  11. I have not had a csection but know others who have, some have a hard time afterwards, others do not. I wanted to come here & say that my mom had 4 natural deliveries then when 5 came along he would not get into position she had many scans & babe would not move. She had gone into labor & had another scan babe still not moved, as they were wheeling her into the surgery room she felt him move & begged & pleaded for another scan & they finally agreed & he had moved. So all that to say there’s still more time xo

  12. Melissa says:

    I was brought to your blog by some twitter “discussion” about you. Unfortunately some home birthing moms feel that any way but theirs is wrong. Just wanted to let you know to do whatever makes you comfortable and what you feel best. It doesn’t matter how your baby gets into this world. Good luck and congrats!

  13. I’ve had 2 c-sections – my first daughter was breech. The recovery for the first was terrible. Easily 6 weeks of nothing more strenuous than holding my baby girl. By comparison, the 2nd was a walk in the park. I walked miles around the hospital because it was more comfortable than sitting. At 3 days postpartum I was in the kitchen making apple cobbler because I’d seen an awesome recipe on Food Network and wanted to give it a try. At 8 days, i attended my older daughter’s Halloween party at school. No matter how baby makes her arrival, recovery will happen at your body’s pace.

    Oh, and I, too, think its too early to schedule you for a c/s. you could still have a traditional delivery since baby is head down. Just be prepared that a c/s is possible due to the conditions. My dr admitted to me later that he was relieved that my 9lb firstborn had stayed breech. He didn’t think I could handle the trauma of birthing her (that’s a much longer story).

  14. Well I am going to be the one that tells you that your baby can be too big to come out ๐Ÿ™‚ I had two 9 pound babies and went into natural labor with both. After 36 hours of labor with the first and so much swelling my son just would not go down the birth canal, so I ended up with a c-section. With my second I had a scheduled c-section but I went from no contractions to fully dilated and my water breaking in less than two hours 2 weeks before my due date. The doctor tried to give me a natural birth, but once again my baby was big and my pelvis is tilted wrong so I had another c-section. My recovery with the first was really quick, the second the c-section scar took longer to heal and I wasn’t so great about not picking up my oldest so it took a little longer ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t let yourself stress out, your baby will be healthy and beautiful soon, no matter how you give birth!

  15. I don’t see that any mamas offering advice here suggested home birth, even if some questioned the doctor’s advice. All that was mentioned was that Candice should not feel pressured to undergo a c-section if that’s not what she wants for herself and her baby, especially given that the research does not back up scheduling c-sections for estimated big babies. Here’s a link to a site that summarizes research on induction/c-sections and “big” babies:

    There’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion or doing some reading before agreeing to major surgery. I hope Candice knows that we all wish her and her baby the sweetest birth, no matter how the baby ultimately arrives ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Melissa says:

    I didn’t say that you suggested home birth. I said the twitter discussion that led me here was from home birthing moms who seem to feel their way is the only way. I don’t think there is any reason that, based on a blog post, she should be judged as not advocating for herself. She’s not advocating for the birth you would choose. I think that if she has doubts that it isn’t what she wants, she SHOULD think about it more or maybe get a second opinion because ALL moms should feel comfortable in the way they birth. But her decision should be about what makes HER comfortable, not what makes others online comfortable. I want her to feel supported, not discouraged or inferior. A c-section is not the end of the world and if that’s the path for her, it is more than okay.

    My comment to her was not a “troll trying to stir up trouble” but a comment to make her feel less judged when you sent out a call to your friends to try to convince her that what she is doing “should be illegal”

    And no, I’m not anti-home birth or anti-natural birth. I’ve had three natural births and will be having a c-section this summer. Why? No reason that you would find sufficient, I’m sure but was a carefully weighed decision by myself and my OB (one of the non-idiot ones). And yes, it is the absolute BEST decision for me.

    I agree with you completely that there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion or doing research. I’m sure this hasn’t been a decision she’s made lightly as she seems like a very responsible person. There is also nothing wrong if what is best for her ultimately ends in a c-section.

  17. Fran Johnston says:

    I felt the same way about c sections until I had to have one with my daughter last christmas. I recovered very well, without any complications at all. It was so much better than I had heard or imagined it would be. We also Moved into a new house 4 days after I had her. The moving part I don’t recommend but we lived through it!

  18. WHEW! This apparently is a hot button subject! I have no children, so I can’t help you in the least, but I am crossing my fingers that she is in a good position when you go back to the doctors and that all goes smoothly and easily and if you DO have to have a C-section, you recover as quickly and easily as possible. I can not wait to see her! Best Wishes Candice!

  19. Heather says:

    I’ve had 3 csections as my first was transverse, and stuck up high near my rib cage, they had to cut me vertically and use forceps to get him turned even with the csection. That one was hard, plus there some other issues from the surgery. My other two were in the head down position and that made the csections much easier honestly. Had Vbac been allowed at any of the local hospitals bet your butt I would have tried lol. I have a reaction to the meds in the block given for a csection, so it really freaks me out honestly. but recovery isn’t too overly bad, but i will be honest if i hadn’t had my mom, or my hubby since he was able to take some vacation after my last one, for at least the first 2-3 weeks, there’s no way i would have made it with toddler and newborn afterwards. Personally I’d give baby more time. EDD can be up to 2 weeks off, unless baby or yourself is in danger health wise i wouldn’t feel like you have to rush into a csection =) My sister in law is built just like you describes *WE have big babies lol* all 3 of her daughter were well over 8 lbs *closer to 9 actually* and all delivered smoothly =) So if you don’t Want a csection, and it’s not a necessity, ask to try to labor, then if it doesnt seem to be working they still have that option. Regardless hun, just saying do what you feel comfortable doing, so long as you and baby are healthy who cares right? Hugs, here’s to a healthy and happy delivery of your little one!

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