Cascade Platinum and ‘My Platinum Clink’

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

This is my fourth post in this series. I hope you have been following my journey to clean dishes! From no dishwasher, to a dishwasher with hard water problems, to a dishwasher with well water I think I’ve truly tested this new Cascade Platinum through and through.

You can read the rest of my posts here, here, and here with a recipe!  🙂

cascade platinum

I’ve tried all sorts of dishwasher soap. organic, all-natural, powder, liquid, expensive, cheap, and even made my own. For me, dropping that little Cascade Platinum pac into the dishwasher and seeing the results was all I needed to be convinced. There is just no comparison to how clean the dishes are. I haven’t even added any rinse-aid and have let the dishes air dry in the dishwasher. No spots! Did I mention I gave up pre-rinsing? I am so confident in this product that I literally fill the dishwasher with dirty dishes at the end of the day and set the timer and forget it. My dishes sit in the dishwasher for at least two to three hours before the machine automatically comes on once we are all tucked into bed. Imagine how caked on the food is?

Even the inside of my dishwasher, which is stainless steel and usually a mess of soap residue and water stains and a weird odor…CLEAN!

My favorite drink of choice these days is freshly brewed coffee. Nothing better than reaching into my dishwasher and seeing my clean coffee mug! Makes my morning.

my platinum clink

Cascade Platinum Pacs:

  • Delivers Cascade’s best clean with a premium, advanced triple action formula that helps prevent residue on your dishes, and even filming on your machine.
  • Scrubs away tough 24 hour stuck-on food.
  • Eliminates the need to pre-wash dishes.
  • Has the Grease Fighting Power of Dawn.

Don’t forget! Each week has had a 6-day entry period where Instagram users can enter the contest with their #MyPlatinum Photo. Cascade will choose two weekly winners and one final grand prize winner after the entry period has ended. Please be sure to include both the #MyPlatinum hashtag and tag @MyCascade in your entries to the contest! There is still time to get in your entries!

  • Week 1: My Platinum Plate (Entry Period: 6/3-6/9) – Show us your best dish styled from the sparkling plate up!
  • Week 2: My Platinum Bite (Entry Period: 6/10-6/16)  – Show us your best bite and most creative use of sparkling silverware!
  • Week 3: My Platinum Clink (Entry: 6/17-6/23) – Show us how you serve up creative concoctions in sparkling glasses. Cheers!
  • Week 4: My Platinum Table (Entry Period: 6/24-6/30) – Show us your sparkling tablescape for your most special celebrations!
  • Grand Prize Winner (Entry: 6/3-6/30) A $10,000 Kitchen Aid kitchen Makeover! 

cascade #myplatinum instagram contest


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  1. You’re making me desire a dishwasher more than sleep! My parents always have well water issues- I am passing all of these posts onto them!

  2. Very cool! Now after our remodel and we hopefully get a dishwasher I can use this stuff!

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