Saturdays Top 5 Laughs!

Saturdays Top 5 Laughs!

This has been one heck of a week. We moved Monday into our new house. Total chaos ever since. Boxes everywhere, a toddler running amuck, and my due date approaching like lightening. We are all so exhausted I don’t know where to begin. We have moved, 8 times I think, since TJ and I have been together so you think we would have the hang of this. But, add a toddler and then it’s like your a chicken without its head.

1. G is really into Doc McStuffins so naturally she wants to imitate her. Today when we put her in her room for a nap she found her ear thermometer and tried to take her temperature. She told me to check her ears and eyes. If you’ve ever seen the show you know that is part of the song Doc sings, “time for your checkup.”
2. G is really excited about the arrival of her baby sister. When we arrived here at the new house on Monday she asked if her baby sister was here waiting for her! ๐Ÿ™‚
3. G is so excited to be at this house she doesn’t know what to do first everyday. Blow bubbles, run around the yard, play in her playroom. Her excitement is contagious!
4. My mom has been with us all week basically keeping G busy while TJ and I try to get this house looking like a home and unpack all our things. But, G has Grandma running around and Grandma is exhausted. She knows that Grandma usually won’t say no and totally takes full advantage. I guess it’s okay since that’s what Grandma’s are here to do…spoil!
5. We had asked Grandma to bring some donuts from a local Rhode Island place on her way to Connecticut. Well, she forgot and the first thing G asked her when she saw her was, “where is my chocolate jimmy donut?” I think over the past week she has asked her at least 20 times again. Whoops! Maybe next time!

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  1. My kids would go on and on about the lack of donuts too ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s nice that your mom has come down to help, family is the best!

  2. So cute! I am so happy you got your house! Hayley also LOVES Doc and tries to immitate it! Such a cute thing when they do it! Oh I can’t wait to see the interaction of G and her baby sister!! A few more days! Gah..You could be in labor right now!!!! I am so excited!

  3. Cute! I bet it is a handfull with a toddler! So far we haven’t moved since we had our girls…and a huge part of me hopes we never do!


  4. haha- I love looking at this post pre baby!!! Now your laughs are going to be ten fold- just you wait!

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