Wordless Wednesday :: Overdue

Wordless Wednesday :: Overdue

Well, yesterday was my due date. Still no baby and I figured as much since G was four days late.

I told my doctor on Monday that I would like labor to go a little something like this. I go to bed fairly early and get a wonderful nights rest. I wake up feeling refreshed, have my coffee, and then my labor can begin sometime after 8am. You see, my labor with G started very late at night. I went to bed around 10pm and woke up only an hour later because guess what…my water broke. The only thing I could think of was how the hell and I going to survive labor on a single hour of sleep?! Somehow I managed because the body is an amazing thing!

Today would be a great day for baby to arrive. The weather is just perfect, T.J. is home, and my mom and mother-in-law are still here.

Did I mention I recently shaved my legs? That is no small undertaking when you are 9 months pregnant. Just saying…

If baby girl comes today I can be home for the weekend! Come on little lady! We are ready for you!


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  1. I hope for today for you, but im sticking with my guess of Friday. I hope you get plenty of sleep thought. I wouldn’t be able to do any of that on an hour of sleep. I would be a whiney mess! 🙂

  2. sending lots and lots of labor vibes!!!

  3. Melissa Dell says:

    I love the “you are past your due date”

    Out here we only have to stay about 24 hrs (or one overnight) with a second for vaginal birth. Do you still have to stay 2?

  4. Been thinking of you, good luck. I love that app! I used to have those books but there were no apps back when I was pregnant 🙂

  5. I hope you go into labor today! My first was over a week overdue, so I completely understand 🙂 You must be so excited!

  6. I am totally stalking your fb page just so you know! LOL!

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