Create Some Stay-At-Home Summer Fun on a Budget

Create Some Stay-At-Home Summer Fun on a Budget

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The warm summer months when the kids are out of school and getting antsy calls for an extra dose of fun. With Independence Day over and no more official big holidays until September, you can celebrate a few unusual holidays with crafts and get-togethers. You don’t have to go anywhere or spend a lot of money to have a good time and break up the summer doldrums. Most of the supplies can be picked up at the discount store.

Ice Cream Social
July is National Ice Cream Month. Celebrate with an ice cream social. Invite friends, neighbors and family. You can make your own ice cream or buy some. Keep things cheap by providing bowls, spoons and a few toppings. Ask each of your guests to bring a topping of their choice, from sprinkles to maraschino cherries to chocolate sauce. Add some music and some inexpensive party favors to create a more festive atmosphere.

Yellow Pig Day
Yellow Pig Day is July 17th. Celebrate with a party and do a yellow pig craft with the kids. If you’ve never heard of it, National Yellow Pig Day stems from some former Princeton University students who were working with properties of the number 17. This led to creative play on yellow pigs with 17 eyelashes. Any activities involving yellow pigs will do. Make lemon cupcakes with yellow frosting and serve it with lemonade. Decorate with inexpensive party supplies from the discount store. Put up streamers, blow up some balloons and use some bright yellow plastic cups, plates and utensils. There are several different types of pig crafts you can do. Keep things frugal by letting them create yellow pigs out of crafters square foam sheets.

Yellow Pig Craft
You’ll need:
• 2 yellow crafters foam sheets
• 1/2 white crafters foam sheet
• Marker
• Scissors
• Tape or glue
• 2 googly eyes or buttons
• A soup or vegetable can
• Roll of yellow crepe paper

1. Round off the corners of one sheet of yellow foam. It may be easiest to fold it in half so that the radii of the corners match. This oval will be the body. Set it aside.
2. Use the can to trace a circle on the other piece of yellow foam. Cut out the pattern to create the head. Cut a strip of foam for the legs and cut it in half twice to make four pieces. Cut two corners or triangles for the ears. Again, you may wish to fold over the foam to create matching pieces. Set it aside.
3. Create a nose with a yellow or white oval and smaller contrasting circles so he can breathe. Make a half-moon mouth out of white foam.
4. Use tape or glue to assemble the foam yellow pig parts. Add the eyes.
5. Cut off a length of crepe paper streamer about 15 inches long. Fold the tip of one end lengthwise, then begin wrapping the streamer around itself until it resembles a long, thin pencil shape. Next, twist it tightly into a thin rope. Coil the rope into a curlicue, leaving one end straight to attach for the tail.

Peach Month
August is Peach Month. This is a great opportunity to have an indoor or outdoor picnic and enjoy some peaches. Use plastic tablecloths to keep your floor or picnic table clean. Put up some orange and white party decorations. Provide a light lunch or a midday snack. Make peach cobbler, peach smoothies, peach pie, or just fill a basket and serve them up freshly washed.

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