Wordless Wednesday :: First Family Trip

Wordless Wednesday :: First Family Trip

First, let me ask, why is it that when you have plans and WANT your children to wake up early…they don’t. A typical morning in our house lately starts around 6, or earlier. Eek!

Today, both gals “slept in” until 6:45! So, since all of us needed to eat and get dressed we promptly got out of the house around 10am. Not really what I had planned on, but an hour over my wishful scheduled depart time wasn’t too bad.

Oh, and it’s a sure bet that when you get the infant all ticked into their car seat they are gonna poop.

We had a 1.5 hour car ride to get us from home to Mystic Aquarium. Lets call this day trip our maiden voyage as a family of four since it was over an hour car ride.

I figured for one stop. What I didn’t figure was that G would nap at 10:30 for an hour. That’s cool though since she would be well rested for the aquarium.

We stopped right around the same time she woke up. Val had to eat and needed a diaper change that led to her peeing out the car door and onto me and the car seat. Luckily we have leather interior so it wipes right off. Whew.

G stretched her legs a bit and had a snack and it was at this point we told her that Grandma (my mom) was meeting us at the aquarium. She was pumped!

We forged on the next 25 minutes and stopped for lunch at this local sea side clam shack called the Sea View Snack Bar . It was such a gorgeous day and we ate our lunch outside overlooking the bay. I had a lobster roll while my mom and TJ had the traditional clam cakes and chowder. Yum!

After lunch we drove the mile up the road to the aquarium . It was packed. The weather, like I said before, was just perfection. A perfect day to visit a venue like this.

More on our fun family day at Mystic Aquarium coming soon! In the meantime Here are a few photos of our day:







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  1. So fun taking your first family trip and yah for both girls sleeping until 645! I love Mystic! We should really meet there!!! PS- can you send me your new address? I have a little something for Ms. V!

  2. Looks like a great day. And yes why must our babies sleep in when we have to get up early? I think in Friday nights we’re telling Aubrey we have to get up VERY early!!!

  3. What a great place to take G – I can’t believe how much she has grown. Nothing beats a Dels lemonade either 🙂

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