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Being a Big Sister is so Very Exciting!

To say G is excited and in love with Val is just the tip of the sister ice berg! She is SO thrilled that Val is part of our family and almost every day asks if Val is bigger yet so that they can play. As soon as Val wakes up in the morning G is running in to say good morning Valentina! It melts my heart every single time. G has her moments when she gets a bit too close for our comfort, but I know its just out of her abundant love.

G always runs in when I have to change Val’s diaper, which is pretty often. She is grabbing me a diaper and wipes, then handing me the diaper cream. Such a little mommy. I know it helps keep her in good spirits too since she always wants to be my helper. No harm in that right? 🙂

I grabbed this quick video on Instagram yesterday. Not sure what Val is thinking, but G is certainly excited!

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  1. Priceless <3

  2. Candice, I LOVE those photos, such a precious time in your life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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