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G is quickly approaching age three. She will be three this November. We have been dabbeling with potty training on and off over the past few months but this week it has gotten very real.

We started potty training a few months back, but then we had some major life changing events like moving to a new house and bringing home her baby sister. Rather than all the progress she had made, in a positive way, blowing up in our face, we decided not to force the issue. Don’t get me wrong, she still uses the potty on a fairy regular basis, but we haven’t reached a point where she is totally without diapers.

So, I was excited to try these GoodNites underwear as part of our final push to diaper freedom…at least with one child. 🙂

As soon as G saw the GoodNites Tinkerbell underwear she was totally excited to wear them to bed. Since we call them underwear she has already started to make a connection that she should keep her undies dry at night as well as during the day.

The GoodNites underwear are much slimmer than diapers. We were a cloth diapering household, but on occasion also used disposables which are pretty saggy and bulky when they are wet. These underwear are slim fitting and super absorbent. After the first night I noticed the next morning that they weren’t all saggy which is partially also due to G not heavily wetting these underwear too.

We tried this GoodNites out the other day when we went on a day trip to Mystic Aquarium. She did not once complain about these underwear after riding in the car for nearly two hours and walking around the aquarium. And believe me, now that she uses the potty, she doesn’t like to feel wet so she is the first to tell me when she is wet and uncomfortable.

Have you tried GoodNites? Check out the GoodNites Facebook page aka “Mission Control” to engage in conversations around bedwetting and offer/receive honest advice in a private, trusting environment )the parent-to-parent network). While you are there, sign up for the undercover mission for the chance to win weekly prizes!

We will continue to use GoodNites in our home as G finalizes her potty training goals and beyond! Will you try GoodNites?


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