Taggies Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing {Review}

Taggies Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing {Review}

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Kids II. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

With my first born, we registered for a swing, mostly because everyone we spoke to who had children said we needed one. That a swing is a must-have item. Thankfully we received the one we registered for and T.J. put all the one zillion pieces together. It was large and at the time we lived in a small space. A two-bedroom apartment. There was lots of rearranging to make room for this must-have item and when G made her arrival we just couldn’t wait for the swing to work its magic.

Well, it was a total fail. G wanted nothing to do with the swing and all the side-to side, and front to back movement its made. Nothing…

So, T.J. took all the one zillion pieces apart and carefully packed it up {thankfully we saved the box} and we returned it for another swing…surely one has got to do the trick. Maybe this one wasn’t the right one? This process went around in circles and after trying several swings from low end models to the highest and most expensive model…nothing was going to swing right for baby G.

There was no swing leftover and saved for our new littlest bundle, Val. She turned 8 weeks old yesterday and we still had not bought a swing, figuring she would most likely be like her sister and hate it.

Well, she is different…Val is digging the Taggies Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing. Just look at her go:

We are all very happy that Val is liking her Taggies swing. And a happy baby equals a happy mommy!

Why I like it:

  • Small footprint, fits nicely into a small space.
  • Easy assembly, took me less than 30 minutes.
  • Portable, take it with you! And lightweight.
  • Super quiet while in use, especially good for your sleeping baby. 🙂

Buy It: 

Soothe your baby anytime, anywhere, with The Taggies Fold ‘n Go Portable Swing. This swing features looped tags for your little one to reach for during playtime or for soothing comfort. Our easy 1-handed fold and carry seat features ultra-soft plush padding and a removable head support. Your little one will feel comfortable and secure with our Peek-A-Boo blanket that extends out from the t-strap. Baby will love swinging to the sound of 8 sweet melodies and 3 nature sounds. Choose baby’s favorite swing speed from 5 different settings and keep baby content using the convenient 30, 45 and 60 minute timer settings. EnerGSave technology allows baby to swing up to 3 times longer by making the most out of battery life. Designed with WhisperQuiet Operation, this swing is sure to keep baby happy.

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  1. She is SO cute!! Are you having a blast with your two little beauties?! I wanted this swing for my mom’s house for when we visited, but I had settled on a vibrating chair and wish I didn’t. My son, who’s now 7 months old, loves the swing. This would have been a great option. Thanks for the review! 🙂

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