A Case of the Mondays

A Case of the Mondays

We took a last minute trip back to Rhode Island this past weekend. I left on Friday morning with the girls and T.J. met us there on Saturday morning with Rhody.

Saturday was the first time G and Val had seen T.J. since Wednesday. He has a crazy work schedule this semester, and with only two weeks in, we are all feeling it one way or another. Monday through Friday he works away from the house three days a week and the other two days he can work from home or use them as free days. Two of the three days he is away are Thursday and Friday. Since he works in New York and we live in Connecticut, he has to leave at 5:30am to beat the traffic into the city. His commute is an hour. Thursday he is gone from 5:30am-10:30pm due to his teaching schedule and commute. He has a night class that is from 6-9pm so it just makes sense for him to stay the entire day on campus then even try to commute back and forth. This means that Friday he is out the door again around 5:30am and returns around 3pm. He is home from Thursday to Friday with just enough time to sleep and shower. G and Val do not see him at all since they are sleeping.

G is not taking this well at all. Combine that with our trip to Rhode Island and her exhaustion from all the fun we had this weekend, and we are totally experiencing a case of the Mondays.  Today, would typically be one of T.J.’s home days, but he has to be at work for an event and won’t be home until its her bedtime. G is really upset. I think she knows that this isn’t his typical work day and she just wants us to all be together for our “normal” Monday which includes grocery shopping and hanging out. She totally had a meltdown when he was trying to leave. It was heartbreaking.

Oh, and we have a newborn and a dog. Last night I had realized, at 8pm, that I hadn’t bathed Val since Wednesday. OMG! So there we were giving her a bath in the kitchen since while she screamed because she was also completely exhausted. The dog is sleeping off the trip too. He had to ride back with G and T.J. yesterday and listen to G whine {overtired and hungry toddler do not make for a pleasant two hour car ride} until she finally got car sick with 15 minutes left to our front door. Yikes! 🙁

So now its Monday and nearly noon. G, Val, and Rhody are all napping. I started the mounds of laundry including the car seat cover from yesterdays drive. We desperately need to go food shopping, but have plenty of beer. Fall is coming in like I’ve never felt it before. Much to fast for me to get everything ready. We woke to 48 degree temperatures and our pajamas and bed linens are not ready for that transition. Bins of clothes need to be sorted for Val’s Fall/Winter clothing. Cloths need to be bought for G for the Fall/Winter season. Dust is piled up on all the furniture, floors need to be vacuumed and washed. Dishwasher needs to be unloaded.

Ramble, ramble, ramble… So, with all that I sit here paralyzed wondering how to positively conquer this week. Time to make a plan!

How are you adjusting to the Fall/Winter grind?


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  1. We haven’t hit fall yet. Maybe next month :/

    And that list makes me exhausted. But I’m glad all 3 napped so you had some peace & quiet!

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