Make it Your Michelinas

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Make it Your Michelinas

T.J. take lunch everyday. A lot of the times its a frozen meal or leftovers from the previous nights dinner. Its pretty boring and mundane, but Daddy’s got to each lunch! The frozen meals he takes are okay, but he only likes certain flavors/options which leaves him eating the same ones over and over again. Week after week, that can make lunch time not something he looks forward to.

What about dinner? I’m a mom of two little ones. I just don’t have the energy to cook some nights especially if T.J. is working late and I am eating alone. I need options that are quick and delicious.

Make It Your Michelina’s combines Italian heritage {our familiies nationality} with American innovation, offereing tradtional recipes and new flavors. Their great food is made from fresh ingredients and comes at a great value! Saving time and money is important to everyone especially when it comes to buying/taking/making a lunch every day.

You can easily incorporate Michelina’s products into your regular lunch or dinner roundout. For example, make the Franks ‘n’ Cheese by simply adding a couple of hot dogs to their Maccaroni and Cheese or quickly whip up Lettuce Wraps by pairing their fried rice with ice berg lettuce and soy sauce. The options are endless.

Lasagna Tacos

Chicken Parmesan Bites

Have you tried Michelinas yet? What are you waitng for!?

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