On Becoming a “Threenager”

On Becoming a “Threenager”

I’ve been seeing this term floating around a lot lately on the interweb. I assume its taking over for the phrases “terrible twos” and “terrific threes” and combined we have a cluster F!

There is a whole lot of none sense going on in this house. Lack of sleep is high up there on the none sense totem pole and then it just goes down hill from there.

G will be three in two months.

Her cousins are just five weeks older than her and I am hearing a lot of the same concerns about behavior from their parents. Guess we are all in the same boat for this wild ride.

On Sunday, after being really sleep deprived and exhausted from Saturdays roller coaster of insane toddler behavior, I noticed I had not only put my underwear on backwards, but also inside out. That’s how my brain feels too. Ugh.

G’s “threenager” symptoms are something like this:

1. Defiant
2. Lots of yelling
3. Bossy
4. Lack of sleep
5. Angry
6. Determined
7. Lashes out with anger…throwing toys and occasional hitting.
8. Bedtime has become an insane challenge because she is overtired.
9. Naps! Ha! She needs one but we are all lucky if she actually takes one. I try every day.

I feel like this all happened overnight. It’s like a switch went off or on. I have no idea. I’m certain parents of toddlers the same age have or are experiencing much of the same.

Basically, I need some coping techniques. I’m not going to be pushed around and told what to do by this little force.

Time for some new parenting techniques! Back to the books…

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  1. My son turned 3 three weeks ago. 3 days before he turned 3, his switch flipped and we have experienced everything on your list (except I didn’t wear my underwear backwards). So glad to hear your stories and not be alone.

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