Saturdays Top 5 Laughs!

Saturdays Top 5 Laughs!

Fall weather is bearing down on us here in New England! I love it. Pumpkin spices coffee, pumpkin bread, crisp air in the morning, no humidity, leaves falling in a variety of autumn colors! Amazing!

We are visiting family and friends in Rhode Island this weekend. We actually haven’t been here since December. Yikes!

Today we have a few fun things planned. I’m not sure if going in the water will be part of it, but we will head to the beach so we can at least put our toes in the sand. G will LOVE it nonetheless.

  1. Last week G asked T.J. If he could build a fire. We don’t have a working fireplace right now, but hopefully in the near future. We did have one last year in New York at the condo we rented. Girlfriend wants to cuddle and relax by the fire just like her Mama. 🙂
  2. If you didn’t read my laughs last week, I mentioned how G wants a chocolate birthday cake with diamonds on it. She is telling everyone she sees. Way to be persistent!
  3. I drove to RI alone with the girls yesterday and T.J. Met up with us his morning because he had work Friday. I asked G what she wanted to do when we got to Papa and Grandma’s house and she said, “wait for Daddy!” She hasn’t seen him since Wednesday. Boy does she love her Daddy!
  4. While driving in the car yesterday, only two hours, G kept asking me if we were in Rhode Island yet! And so it begins…are we there yet?!
  5. As soon as we drove into my parents driveway, and G got out of the car, she saw my mom and said, “I have an idea!, lets play!”


Have a great weekend!

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  1. You were in RI and you didnt call me- J/K:) Aw cuddling by the fire- how sweet!!! So the ? is are you going to get her a chocolate cake with diamonds on it and if so, can I have a bite! Look at that face of hers- so cute!

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