5 Ways Celebrate With Pumpkins for Halloween!

5 Ways Celebrate With Pumpkins for Halloween

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While carving jack o’lanterns is a fun pastime that signifies Halloween, there are other ways to decorate with pumpkins. Check out these modern crafty twists that you can do at home. You’ll need to pick up some pumpkins and a few cheap supplies from the discount store if you don’t have them on hand. These are a good follow-up to a trip to the local pumpkin stand or pick-your-own pumpkin patch.

Partial Carving
Partial carving can be done with or instead of traditional jack o’lantern carving. Use a felt tip pen to draw on a design or use a stencil. Pierce the skin with a knife to outline the design. Use a pumpkin carving kit or a melon baller to scrape partway through the pumpkin below the skin without going too deep. Pumpkins will last a little longer if you veer from the tradition of carving them all the way through. You can also avoid the issue of cutting off the top, scooping out the pulp and seeds, and lighting it up from the inside – or not.

Acrylic Paints
Use acrylic paints and paintbrushes from the arts and crafts section of the discount store. Use bold and dark colors like black, green, brown and purple to make funny faces or draw scenes and geometric shapes.


Pumpkin Fashion Show
Decorate your pumpkins with hats and scarves. Use push pins to tack on gloves, bandannas and colorful loops weave kit necklaces and earrings. Draw on faces with markers. Be creative with items at home to keep expenses low, and have a pumpkin fashion show.

Sticker Fun
For the younger ones that aren’t ready for sharp object but want to have fun, let them pick out a pack of stickers and decorate. Make sure that the pumpkin is clean and dry for best results.


Pumpkin Seed Snack
Working with pumpkins can make you hungry. If you carve, be sure to reserve the seeds. Wash them and let them dry out at least overnight. If the slow cooker is one of your favorite small kitchen appliances {clickable link}, you can pull the seeds out the day before, and let them cook while you’re decorating the house or the pumpkins. Another option is to pick up a smaller extra pumpkin to cook with.

Here’s how to get the seeds out: Cut a big circle around the stem area with a knife. Remove the seeds and pulp with your hands and a big metal spoon. When they’re dry, put them in a bowl. Drizzle in some olive oil and mix them up with your clean hands. Add some salt and mix again. Pour them into a four-quart slow cooker. Cook them on high for three to four hours or on low for six to eight.

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