Mott’s® is Making Lunches and Snack Time A Synch!

Mott’s® is Making Lunches and Snack Time A Synch!

Thank you to Mott’s® for sponsoring this article. Grab goodness on-the-go with Mott’s®.

As a mom to a toddler and an infant lunches and snack time need to be something healthy, delicious and appealing that I can get together quickly. The days go by so quickly and with busy schedules it’s important for me to have tasty snacks and drinks for my family.

Mott’s has two items that help me do just that. Both Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce pouches and Mott’s® For Tots juice drink boxes are healthful and convenient. These products do not need to be served cold to enjoy so I can easily toss them into my diaper bag, purse or lunchbox and they are ready when we are.


I grew up eating Mott’s applesauce. I remember my own mom packing it in my school lunches. It was also something only I got to have at dinner time too, because I wasn’t a fan of my mom’s chicken, I dipped it in Mott’s applesauce! I think my favorite flavor of memory with Mott’s® is their cinnamon flavored applesauce dipped in my mom’s pork chops. Yum!

So, back to my little ladies. Well, Val is just three months, but I’m sure she will be a fan of Mott’s® once she starts solids. I remember G loving applesauce as one of her first foods. G is just a few weeks shy of her third birthday. She is of the age where play dates, or as we call them, “apple juice mornings”, with other children her age are a part of our weekly routine. Each week the moms decided who would bring what snack and we take turns hosting. Of course, I have brought both the Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce pouches and Mott’s® For Tots juice drink boxes to these play dates. Again, they are easily portable and all the kids love everything apple so juice drinks and pouches are a hit.

Mott’s® is Making Lunches and Snack Time A Synch

Did you know Mott’s® For Tots on-the-go juice drink boxes have the Mott’s goodness with 40% less sugar than Mott’s 100% Apple Juice? Or that there’s also no added sugar to the Natural and Strawberry applesauce flavors and they’re an excellent source of Vitamin C? Now you do!

Thank you Mott’s® and Technorati for being sponsors of this article. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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