Weekend Recap and Cha Cha Changes

Weekend Recap and Cha Cha Changes

Good grief Charlie Brown!

This house has been his with some sort of nasty. Maybe I did or maybe I didn’t mention that we went to New Jersey last weekend for my twin nephews third birthday. We loaded up the car with the two gals and Rhody and made the nealy two hour trip to Jersey. Of course we couldn’t drive straight through without a stop only 30 minutes from our destination and getting out the door was more like us trying to get out of our own way. The night before we planned on leaving T.J. and I had these crazy idea that we would jet out the door right after both gals were fed. Well, surely we woke up early enough around 7am, but then didn’t leave until after 11! What the hell?! I can’t even recall what we did that entire time. What a warped sense of reality we must have had thinking we would ever leave the house within a reasonable amount of time. Okay, so maybe I did make T.J. go get his car washed…more like detailed before we loaded it.  What does he do in there to cause it to look the way it does. Boys are just gross.

Okay, enough rambling. We got to Jersey, partied all day which included a giant bouncy house aka cesspool of germs. Made our way to a dog-friendly hotel, Homewood Suites by Hilton, and desperately tried to sleep. Ha! Rhody was whipped so he passed out on the floor at the foot of the bed. Val went right to sleep in her Rock n Play, and G tossed and turned all over the king sized bed in between T.J. and I. Just thinking about it makes me twitch. Trying to sleep when an overtired toddler is flipping all over the place is a bad dream. Couple that with a crazy sounding air conditioning and little sleep was had for Mom and Dad.

Val woke around 5am, but she did stir a few times during the night. I grabbed her and brought her into the little living room area and fed her with my eyes closed. Once 6am came around I woke T.J. up. He was totally in a deep sleep, but I desperately wanted to shower. G finally woke up around 7:30 and we packed up our things and headed back to T.J.’s brother’s house to say farewell, but of course we didn’t leave there until 11am!

Back in the car where G was still exhausted. Val went right to sleep. She loves the car. Only a half hour into the trip and G starts complaining that she has to poop. She had a diaper on, but didn’t want to go. I can understand that would be uncomfortable in a carseat and all. So, we pulled over to the first rest stop and let her walk around and T.J. even brought her into the restrooms. No poop. She just didn’t want to be in the car. UGH! Now Val is up and she wants to eat. An hour later we are back on the road. Are we home yet? G falls asleep with 15 minutes left in the trip after much whining.

Its Sunday, we get takeout, and everyone is in bed before 7pm. My head was pounding. Oh, and T.J. and I were both a bit congested, but figured it was from the hotel air. Ya know, stuffy, dry, and air conditioned.

Wake up Monday…feeling better than Sunday.

Wake up Tuesday, G has a runny nose and is all congested. We hear that the family in New Jersey is sick with colds. OH F!

We all wake up Wednesday feeling like poo. Coughing, sneezing, sore throats. Ugh.

Today, G is basically fine. Its been a week. T.J. seems to have gotten the worst of it. My cough still comes and goes and little Val is just a bit nasally.

Why does it take TEN to TWELVE weeks for a crib to come in when you order it? Why did we wait so long to decide which crib we wanted for Val? Guess we dropped the ball on that a bit.

Today we removed G’s crib from her room, it was functioning as a toddler bed, and moved it into Val’s room. We set it up as a crib for Val, she had previously been sleeping in a mini crib. The mini crib use to be in our bedroom when she was a newborn and it was the compromise to my bassinet idea. Even though she has the support of a mattress, I feel like her head isn’t getting the support it needs. Some mornings when I go to pick her up her head is red on the spot that has been touching the crib all night. Seems like that could be uncomfortable. The Naturepedic mini crib mattress is pretty firm, but then there is a wood board under that. Meh. Time to move on from that.

So, G is sleeping on a full sized mattress…on the floor until Val’s crib arrives. Fingers crossed its sooner than later. Once Val’s crib arrives, we will put G’s bed back in her room using the adult rails, mattress and box-spring, headboard and footboard. Its a convertible crib so we just had to buy a new mattress and box-spring. I am so glad we can use her old (3 years) crib mattress for Val’s new crib. We had spent a pretty good amount of money buying a Naturepedic organic mattress.

So, tonight they are both sleeping in “big girl” beds. I am hoping they sleep well and comfortably. G thinks its pretty awesome to have such a big mattress and I don’t have to worry about her falling out of the bed since it not very high from the floor.

Now, maybe we can shake these colds too eh?





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  1. Oh man girl. This stresses me out! And why does it take so long? Are they growing the trees first?? LOL

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