G Turns Three!

G Turns Three!

Today is G’s official third birthday! She has grown so much in just the past year. She is talking up a storm, super artistic, has a sassy attitude like her Mama, and becomes more independent with each day. She has certainly come a long way from this…

g born 11.4.10


first birthday


We had her birthday party this past weekend. I actually grabbed the big Canon from my closet to take the pictures rather than using my iPhone. Family and friends drove from Rhode Island to celebrate with us and she had a wonderful day. Much more low key than last years birthday when we travelled home to Rhode Island and celebrated at a fine restaurant. Now that we have our own home, we were able to give her a good old fashioned three year old party.

More Photos to come, but lots of editing to do! 🙂

G birthday





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  1. She is seriously the cutest! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday to her, she is really growing up and so pretty! Looking forward to seeing more photos!

  3. Happy Birthday G!!!! {Sorry I am a few days late!} Hope you had an amazing birthday sweet girl!

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