Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

HELLLLLLLLLO! Boy, its been a while since I wrote something funny. G has us on our toes over here between preschool, her first preschool cold, and the threenager that came out and won’t go back inside. Bundle that with the rapidly approaching holidays and an infant and I don’t even know why I bother to sleep at all.

But, this weekend has already started off on the right foot! Today, T.J. drove G back to Rhode Island to spend the weekend with my parents. This is HUGE! She has NEVER slept away from us…EVER! We think its time. Hopefully if today and tonight is a success we will pick her up on Monday. I think my parents will need a vacation after the weekend. G is going to keep them so busy that they are going to be exhausted!

Sure, we still have Val, but she is easy. WOOHOO! What to do first?!

  1. I gave G a scarf this morning. Its not new, but she probably forgot all about it since last winter. Well, typically I wear a scarf every day. She wanted a red one I had on the other day, but instead of handing it over to her I told her to add it to her Santa list. When she saw her scarf this morning she asked me where Santa was! LOL She is a smart little cookie!
  2. Last night at dinner she told us that when she was a little baby we would rock her in our arms like this, and showed us as she cradled her arms together. Then she said that when she cried, “mommy would feed me with her boobies”. LOL Out of the mouths…
  3. T.J.’s mom was here for a few days and one of the days G had preschool. When I dropped her off she went up to one of the teachers and said, “look at my tunic, its like the one Nonna was wearing”. My little style-ista.
  4. At preschool the kids were asked what they were thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches and they learn more and more about giving thanks and what it means to be thankful. The teachers wrote out a list for the parents to see who said what. G said that she was thankful for her dog Rhody. How cute is that!
  5. I am seriously excited to celebrate the holidays this year. G is at the perfect age now to really enjoy everything. She keeps telling everyone that we have to celebrate Thanksgiving before Christmas. At least she gets it because the stores do not!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. She is so cute and adorable, I love number 1!
    Theresa Gould recently posted…Week #5 Saturday Top Five Laughs – Join the Blog Hop!My Profile

  2. Haha- she is a smart cookie!!! Mommy would feed me with her boobies- this is awesome!See now G gets it but the stores don’t! So cute!
    mel recently posted…Get ready for cold weather with Kidde Fire Safety!My Profile

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