New Christmas Traditions

New Christmas Traditions

Since we finally moved into our own house its an awesome feeling knowing we can decorate however we want, inside and out, for the Christmas holiday! This past weekend we chopped down our Christmas tree at Jones Family Farms. My parents were here for Thanksgiving and the hunt for the perfect tree was truly a family affair.

It was FREEZING. Like, windy and bone chilling cold. Maybe it was 20 degrees? At least it was sunny! My dad is NOT a fan of cold weather. You can tell by the look on his face that he is ready to bolt and so glad we already found the tree. Do you see all the clothing we have on?! Its laughable right?

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After bundling ourselves in layers of clothes we packed into two cars {my car is not suitable for tree hauling} and drove the 15 minutes to the farm. Even though we thought we were early, arriving at around 10am, the place was packed since being open at 9am. The farm is super organized and clearly the staff know how to handle such enormous crowds during this busy season. As soon as we parked the cars I scooped up Val from her carseat and loaded her into the Ergo. I am so thankful for my Kowalli cover because it keeps both of us super toasty for these types of outdoor adventures.

There are 200 acres of Christmas trees to choose from at Jones. A bit overwhelming, but SO beautiful to see.


We didn’t walk too far into the field before T.J. spotted a good one. We all looked it over and then he and my dad began sawing it down. Luckily, we brought our own saw, because they were already out of the complementary ones. LOL


Could not get back to the car quick enough and we left my dad and T.J. to take car of loading the tree onto the car and meet us back at the house. My mom and I loaded the girls into the car and took off to Starbucks to load up on hot drinks. 🙂


Each year you harvest your own tree at Jones Farm, you are also gifted a special dated Christmas ornament from the Woodbury Pewter Co. This is our first of many to come. There have been 20 ornaments to date. I wonder if we will accumulate twenty?

T.J. and dad got the tree settled into the house and we let is “rest” until later that evening when the gals were asleep. My dad hung the lights so that G could decorate the next morning. It was so nice to look at the tree that night with just the glow of the white lights.


The next morning we decorated and tried to get G to understand that once the ornaments are on the tree they should stay there. So far we have only lost two to the hard wood floor. Ornaments never knew what was coming when the toddler had them in her grasp. And then there is Rhody. He is just about 1.5 years young and super puppyish. Believe it or not, he has been great about not messing around with the tree.


So, thats it. A new tradition in our new home. Our first Christmas in this house and Val’s first Christmas ever. Now, wish me luck as I prop them all next to the tree today for the Christmas card photo!

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  1. Good luck with your photo! I tried to get 4 in front of the tree! 3 of them under age 5! Needless to say the outcome was pretty funny! lol

  2. Haha, your dad’s expression looks like my dad’s when it is cold. I love the tree; sooo pretty!

  3. I just love this tradition especially the ornament they give – how special!
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