‘Tis the Season to Protect Your Identity #MMHolidayGiftGuide

‘Tis the Season to Protect Your Identity #IDSafetySeason

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About ten years ago, I was a victim of identity theft.  I’m not sure how it happened, but when I used to work as a paralegal at a title law firm, my boss suggested that I pull my credit report regularly to makes sure everything was OK.  When I did, I found out that someone opened a cell-phone account in CT, a credit card, and even applied for a mortgage with my info.  It took me over two years (and a lot of phone calls) to clear my credit.

According to Javelin Strategy & Research, there was one incident of ID fraud every three seconds in 2012. The holiday season is an especially dangerous time of year for this crime as consumers are distracted and sharing their confidential information frequently, such as credit card numbers.

From that point on, I’ve either held onto bills, receipts, etc. for way too long, or I would (have my hubby) shred stuff using his crappy 4-sheet per shred shredder.  That got old for him; I mean, he keeps decade-old bills and receipts in this banged-up black metal filing cabinet that he bought in the nineties, I think.  He holds onto papers he wrote in college almost 15 years ago!   Anyway, even though he hated that shredder, I forced him to toss it before we moved to our new home (I was done looking at that thing taking up living space).

But between our concern about identity theft and our need to clear out our belongings to maximize space in our new home, we needed to shred.  Welcome the Fellowes P-12C shredder.  This thing is a machine!  We just got it a few days ago, and hubby-man can’t get enough of it.  I’m typing this now while he’s shredding hundreds of docs from my first pregnancy and birth (insurance explanations of benefits don’t matter three years later, I don’t think).  I think he fancies himself some sort of man’s man who works a machine now.  I mean, the shredder can get loud, but he’s got a look on his face like he’s just joined Sons of Anarchy.  Keep living the dream.

At least we can clear space with peace of mind that our identities, our credit scores, and our finances can stay protected.

P-12C Facts:

Fellowes, the leader in shredders, offers an extensive range of products, ensuring an ideal fit no matter who is on your list.

  • Perfect for finance-savvy moms and paper-ridden college students, the P-12C’s slim profile design and innovative technologies make it a great choice for at-home and dorm room use. Features include:
  • Cross-Cut blades that destroy 12 sheets of paper into approximately 309 particles per sheet, making it extremely difficult to reassemble
  • SafeSense® technology which automatically disables the shredder when hands touch the paper opening
  • The ability to shred credit cards, paper clips, staples and junk mail for added convenience
  • The P-12C can be purchased at Walmart Stores nationwide and at www.Walmart.com for a suggested retail price of $99.97.
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