Baby Eats

Baby Eats

Just when you think your a pro, you go and have a second child.

Why did I think the second would be like the first? I wasn’t thinking clearly.

I know, I know, you are not suppose to compare your children, but how can you avoid it?

G started “solids” at just four months old. She ate a steady diet of pureed foods and oatmeal. She wanted nothing with texture and didn’t even like Cheerios. Everything came from a pouch or jar.

Val started solids at six months. She wants nothing to do with baby food. We’ve tried it, I make it, she won’t eat it. Instead, she reaches for everything we put to our mouth and grunts and whines when we don’t share.

She has NO TEETH!

So, we are going the baby led weaning route. Ya know, here kid, chew on this giant piece of food with your gums and I’ll watch you with a lump in my throat hoping I remember that baby survival class I took before your sister was born.


So far, Val eats cooked frozen waffles, guacamole, avocado, banana, puffs, mum mums, pizza, chicken, pulled pork, filling of the chicken lettuce wraps from my takeout, toast, yogurt, roasted sweet potato, melon and apple slices. She just started taking sips from a sippy cup to wash down her food. Its the only thing she will drink out of so I will order fifty! Remember this post? She eats with us at each meal too so almost three times a day.

First time eating, in a Bumbo seat:

I sometimes question myself before I give her something, but then I do and she eats it while I watch in amazement. She is sitting at the table with us in this awesome highchair booster from Mamas & Papas. We had a more traditional high chair with G.

I don’t know where this is all going but I’m going with it. I have been reading some other blogs that talk about their experiences with baby led weaning to ease my mind and help me feel confident that this okay. Its just so different. Val is leading the way and we are taking her lead.

Do you have experience with baby led weaning? I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions!



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  1. No because it scares the frap out of me

  2. Oops. That should say crap LOL

  3. Loved BLW! Addie didn’t want pouches often, so i just give her what she wants. She eats meat, whole apples and carrots (as tougher examples of food) without issue. Baby 2 we will go the same route. Giving large pieces of softer foods or boiling a bit of what you’re eating to soften it will help her navigate. Good luck!
    Chelley @ A is for Adelaide recently posted…Teach ThisMy Profile

  4. I’m afraid of this with our second child!! The thought of starting over is scary! We did BLW sort of with Cupcakes, though she did start with baby food… Who knows what #2 will like!!
    Jamie recently posted…Winter Activity Idea: Ceramic Magnet PaintingMy Profile

  5. That video is so cute!!! We don’t have any kids at the moment.
    Kelsey Apley recently posted…FREE Sample of Finish Quantum Power & FreeMy Profile

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