Moms Don’t Get Sick Days

Moms Don’t Get Sick Days

Its freaking awful.

G is SO DANG SICK. We took her to the pediatrician yesterday because her fever had shot up to 103.5 and that was just too dang high. Sure, we could keep it down with some over the counter meds, but I just had to be sure it wasn’t something bigger, like, the flu. She did get a flu shot, but ya know, those only go so far and there are so many different strains of the flu yaddi yadda.

Pediatrician said it was just like we thought, a wicked awful cold. Lots of rest and hydration.

Its on this very day I notice that a tickle in the back of my throat. I huffed out loud because I thought how cruel would it be for me to also get sick while caring for my sick child. But, by days end, my throat was certainly swollen and swallowing became tricky. UGH! I went to bed at 8pm fully knowing I would not get a full nights rest.

G went to sleep at 4pm! She finally gave in to her exhaustion and fell asleep while T.J. was reading to her in her bed. We rolled her over and put her night diaper on {still not overnight potty trained} and turned the light out. She started to stir a little after I went to bed so I quickly checked on her, took her temp, gave her some cough syrup and water and turned the light out again. She slept like a log until 3am when she staggered into our room telling us she was done sleeping. Oh dear! Say what?! After some intermittent conversation she finally got herself back to sleep. Thank G-D!

I was in a really deep sleep when Val woke at 10pm. You know, that really good sleep you are in after you’ve only been sleeping for a short while and you wake up thinking you slept all night long. Yeah, that. But it was only 10! I got out of bed, tried to swallow but instead nearly choked and my inner ear canals were so irritated that if I could have figured a way to scratch them it would have made my year. The husband, he was out cold. Fine, he has to work in the morning, but how does he sleep through all this?

I grabbed Val out of her crib, changed her soaked diaper and plopped down in the rocker to rock her back to sleep. She was not having it. I think at seven months she has decided she would like to wake on random nights because she knows we will come in to comfort her. Yeah, well that is not going to happen. We did that with G and it became a regular thing until she was over a year old. Live and learn. I’m not going down that slippery slope again.

She screamed in my irritated ears for nearly 45 minutes when the husband came strolling in for relief. He had awoken to the crying and noticed it was so damn early he was able to help me get this baby back to sleep. He tried and of course she went right to sleep, but as soon as he put her down in the crib the eyes shot wide open along with the crying. Great, I love my gals, but now I also have an insane headache.

T.J. ended up coming back to bed. Both of us had all we could take and after another twenty minutes of her crying she figured out she was fine and went to sleep. We did a version of sleep training with G, and I think we will do the same with Val now that she is older.

T.J was already long gone when we woke up around 6am still feeling sick. GOOD NEWS…the fever broke overnight.   Another day spent lounging in G’s bed watching movies on the iPad. Sometimes I don’t even know what we would do without that thing. Life saver. We tried a bit of playtime in the playroom, but she is so weak from not really eating and fighting that fever that its just too much for her little body. So, back to bed we went. We watched Frozen, Sophia the First, PBS everything, and some Disney movie with talking animals. We even snacked in her bed. Cheese crackers, apples, juice and tea for me.

Of course the daily chores still needing to be done. Dishes, cooking, light cleaning, baths for all, and on and on. Sick or not, moms just don’t get a sick day.

I am really hoping this cold finds its way out of our house for good ASAP.



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  1. I’m so sorry! It’s the worst being sick with even healthy kids! Much harder when they’re sick too. Cupcakes had a low fever today and I had to call off work. I’m definitely going to get it because she kept giving be kisses and coughing on me. I thought she got the flu shot but I called the pedi and turns out she didn’t. Trying to decide if at almost February, it’s too late or not?
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