New Year // New Hair

New Year // New Hair

I have had long hair for so long. Like, for over ten years or something. Its probably a bit of a security blanket. I don’t know. What I do know is that I always use to say that I wouldn’t have that “mom hair” after I had kids, but I found myself in a hair rut. Sure, I could do fun things with all my long hair, braids, curls, up, down, but it had do be done or else it just looked shaggy.

I have wavy hair too which can keep things interesting. And then of course my hair has changed since having two kids. Pregnancy along with postpartum hair loss has made my hair confused.

I wanted to do something fun and bold. Cutting it was the only way to go.

Yesterday, sick and all, I dragged myself to the salon to get my new hair.

I am so lucky to have found an amazing stylist here in Connecticut. If you are looking for an awesome stylist and salon and live in Fairfield County you have to go see Melissa at Blain Adams. Its not always easy to trust a new stylist with your hair. Sure, it will grow back, but a bad cut can really put a damper on a gal’s mood. I was still driving back to Rhode Island for cuts. That is insane. Granted I have had only 2 cuts since moving to New York from Rhode Island and finally to Connecticut.

I found a style on Pinterest. I have a hair board (of course) and I just couldn’t get the cut and color out of my mind. So, this was my inspiration…

hair inspiration long bob

image source unknown


EEK! There goes the hair! All six inches!

long bob

I LOVE IT! Its a long bob. I can still braid it and put it back in a pony tail. The back is shorter than the front so I’m going to straighten it and show you a better pic once I’m over the plague. That’s why you only see part of my face. Its so red from blowing my nose. Gross!

Have you ever done something drastic with your hair?

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